Ode to Sai Kung

Ah Sai Kung, Sai Kung, how we love you so

Our guests visiting Hong Kong form such an impression of Hongkies

After just one walk along your dog-friendly paths littered with the occasional poop

One-eyed Shih Tzus

Hilariously shaved Pomeranians and Chow Chows

Overweight, raggedly panting Bulldogs and Pugs

Umpteen tripping Golden Retrievers and Labradors

Hong Kong Dog Rescue Alumnus


All much loved, much spoiled, by their Hongkie owners


(Note the altar facing the sea, tucked under the path.. And there was another one with a four-faced Buddha that just missed getting captured in this frame

“Moi-moi” was out for a ride

As was “Tau-tau”

“Chee Jie” (left - little pig) and ”Dor-Li” (right - which I think is a Cantonese version of Dolly) tried so hard to engage JD

You can barely make out "Tau-tau" in the distance - stubby must make good sea legs because we tried that once with JD and she just totally threw up in the kayak

Rockstar woke up and decided on a boatride – will it be one of the islands with a nice beach, or a little floating fishery?

"Does the child speak Cantonese," the ticketing guy wants to know,

"Because everyone speaks Cantonese in Hong Kong"

We set off, leaving behind Sai2, the restaurant where we've been chilling (and napping, in Rockstar's case) for a few hours, almost colliding with a wakeboarding boat along the way (he's yelling at our skipper)

Hello, floating fishery

Hello, Mutt Living On Floating Fishery

Look, Rockstar – fish!

Rockstar tortures a few

Caught one! (He put it back unharmed)


(Note the tv in one of the living quarters - there was one in the cabinet with the blue bucket too - playing Cantonese soaps)

He takes the wheel on the way back

No, not really

Floating Weird Seafood Market coming back in

Sadly, my battery dies before I can take a picture of said weird seafood.

(As in, funny looking worm things, giant clam things, weird shellfish - are they exotic species or is that because of the pollution? Sai Kung has relatively cleaner waters, but at low tide you can count like, at least a half doz en used batteries on the beach)

Here's how to get there

Or do what we do – get a taxi driver to start the meter and drive while we follow behind. Which is how Kings learned to drive in Hong Kong (this is a pic of KV 1570 leading us to Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong)

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