Happy Birthday Rockstar (Again)

It’s a bit of a problem, when your birthday is a little too close to that of a bigger superstar’s. Especially when whole countries go on holiday and 4 Sundays before that Christians light candles. Even though you are a rockstar, the day you were born may be a little less important. Just a tad. You might get just one set of presents. One chance to pig out on cake and other sweets.

However, when you’re born to parents who can’t remember when their anniversary is, miss celebrating it most years and occasionally make a day up when they feel like it, you’re good to go.

So Happy Birthday Rockstar. Finally. After watching other kids blow out the candles on their cake in class, as you told Mummy this morning, This Time My Turn! Muahaha. (Yes, you really do the laugh. As in It’s My Birthday, Muahaha!) Next up, world domination.

So we pick up the best Chocolate Banana cake we can find at Cova (another default option we usually did for work events) for want of something to stick candles in (Rockstar reminded us there must. be. Candles!) because on school runs, noticing the pale grey carpet, we’d figured tiny bite-sized cupcakes with icing for Rockstar and classmates to minimize the mess. We’ve ordered them from our favorite café several times, and once again place another order over the weekend without thinking.

But 90 minutes before it’s time for us to meet Rockstar in school with the goodies, the café tells us they had a problem. The mini cupcake machine broke down the previous evening and after the dust settled and they’d fixed everything they suddenly realize – they’ve got no eggs. And they wait for shipment suppliers, they don’t buy their own. (Yeah we were a little ??!!??!! This is Hong Kong, where things usually move quickly without little glitches like the lack of an egg. But then we’re not in the town area, we’re in a furniture warehouse, albeit one near a market.)

Daddy saves the day by running the friend who dropped us off over to the nearby Ap Lei Chau market for a dozen eggs in a plastic bag and speedwalks the bag into the café kitchen in 6 minutes flat. All that was missing was the whip, the hat, the Indiana Jones theme song.

Bag of Eggs: HKD 15

60 Mini Cupcakes: HKD 240 (because they feel bad about the eggs)

2lb Chocolate Banana Cake from Cova: HKD 500

Chance for Daddy to Be Involved And Save The Day: PRICELESS

Rockstar never eats those cupcakes in the café. He doesn’t much care for cake either, he usually picks out the fruit (I keep thinking we’re so lucky). But after having Happy Bday sung to him, suddenly my son can expertly peel the paper off and devour 3 of em.

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