Ferry To Macau

This is in the ferry terminal before we board to Macau... Why do I like this saying even when I'm not sure exactly what it means? Why is the Rockstar in Macau (from whence I'm posting) on a school day (or two)?

I think I just told everyone I let my son skip school today. Oops. And it's Library Day.

<gloat> But we returned our library book early. Hah!

Redemption! I'm a good mother after all!

There's crowds, people sitting cross legged on the floor or occasionally squatting, and umpteen luggage bags everywhere... This is blurry because it's hit and run - I didn't dare take lots of pics of crowds just in case someone yells at me...

Guy With Camera observes me, then turns his own camera to sweep over us (he was originally filming in the other direction for awhile)... Was that barter? I think so! (Not really)

Chanel and Prada mingle with nameless backpacks... The Prada one guy is carrying looks real, don't know enough to comment about the Chanel. Pretty sure the iPhone4s and iPads are real though...

Our ferry tickets are part of a trip organized and hosted by the Venetian Macao and coordinated by Ogilvy Public Relations.

Kings eyes the crowd (below this pic - I made a big show of aiming my iPhone up into the air) and disappears for a few minutes with the Rockstar on his shoulders, returning triumphantly, "I upgraded us to First Class."

The original tickets were free, it was HKD 100 each on the upgrade.

And off we go

In First Class, we get the works: "We have a choice of 2 types of cup noodles, Pork and Sesame Oil."

Kings is intrigued. "Is the Sesame Oil one really oily?"

"Uh... I don't think it's really oil," our attendant explains carefully. "Se-Sa-Me O-il is a flavor"

I don't think they get many people who ask this...

Rockstar bums a few mouthfuls. Kings polishes the rest off. For the most part Rockstar eats a salmon sandwich we brought from home. It's quiet and peaceful, but far from empty in first class. Rockstar is asleep on my shoulder shortly after this pic.

And then we're there.

But where are we going? Why are we going?

Hint: This is what the Rockstar's room (for the past year thereabouts) looks like. You may not have watched the movie, if like me you lived under a rock (or a beautiful neighborhood near a park and then was so consumed by work that after 6 months moving in  still didn't know how to get to said park via the resident's exit and instead used the main road because that's how the taxis do it).

But it's really hard not to know who the Disney Cars bunch are...

(And it's really, really hard not to start on about this in the middle of the night but I think that's a whole blog post...)

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