Disney CARS and Coloring Competition at the Venetian Macao

We were invited for a free overnight stay at the Venetian Macao hotel, lunch, a tour of some of their facilities… It was a chance to meet Flo and Ramone from the Disney CARS movie on exhibition, plus join the Worlds Of Fantasy Coloring-in Competition - all organized and hosted by the Venetian Macao and coordinated by Ogilvy Public Relations.

*Coloring-in contest details below

Disney CARS Flo and Ramone are in attendance, right by the booth with all the contest entry forms. Mummy needs to pack her nice underwear, her Rockstar’s a fan.

Spot the Rockstar...

It’s not about winning, it’s about the contest experience…

So says the mum who knows her son will probably not win? Rockstar….. isn’t a huge "color-er". More of a doodler. A typist on a keyboard <sheepish>. But in Rome, do as they color. I milked the whole Travel-To-Macao-See-Cars-Enter-Contest experience. And made up words.

It’s why Rockstar’s working on it at 10.00pm instead of demanding his usual library of Mr Men books before bedtime.

I... never spent time getting Rockstar to practice his coloring in the past... We do those restaurant kiddie menus with the crayons in a holder at the center of the table, but that’s about it. I didn’t deliberately not do coloring with him at home (though I did read sometime back that too much coloring practice might enforce in a child that their own drawings aren’t that good), just….. he's not a big color-er.

And I never tried to make him one.

Here’s the thing - it’s the Worlds of Fantasy Coloring-in Competition by Disney on Ice. Bet there are a gadzillion entries.

How many kids of the umpteen hopefuls will get to win some of the official prizes and then get to be happy and proud of winning (said prizes)?

How many more kids will get to enter a coloring competition and then be happy and proud they entered a coloring competition?

I think winning the official prizes should be a bonus. But it's so easy for my child to find joy just in taking part. I just need to look for my own joy in seeing him take charge of his own entry and enter the competition. He can feel my happy and proud.

In a competitive society like Hong Kong’s, I know I risk coming across as a flake. Or a hippie. “It’s not whether you win the race, it’s how you run it!" (Probably get some eye-rolls around me)

But Rockstar is 3. He went to see Flo and Ramone in the cast metal. Then he filled his entry in the hotel room and we went back to the entry form drop box after breakfast.

This is my son’s entry. Some of the color pencil markings are too faint to be picked up in the lighting at the breakfast table but pretty much everyone’s in blue. Like when Picasso had the blue phase and (Hugh) Hefner had the blonde phase.

Biased, Mummy view: My Rockstar is an abstract colorist with unique interpretation of the subject matter!

Unbiased view: Y-eah, I don’t think we’ll win any of the official prizes.

(But you might!)

Rockstar’s proud to be entering his first coloring competition. He spent some time selecting the right color pencil, and refused any suggestions to add anything else to this picture.

(Note he has umpteen pictures of Disney CARS in his room.)

This entry is just the way Rockstar wants it to be. He wanted to be in charge of what he put on his own entry in this competition.

And - everyone - The Rockstar would like readers  to know he did his entry all by himself. I’m proud of him.

*The Following Requested By The Venetian Macao:

Disney on Ice presents Worlds Of Fantasy Coloring-in Competition

Grand Prize: 1 night accommodation for two adults and two children at The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel Bella Suite Breakfast for two adults and two children at Café Deco, Fogo Samba or Blue Frog A-Reserve tickets for 4 to the Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy Roundtrip CotaiJet™ ferry tickets for 4 (for HK residents only)

2nd Prize: Buffet lunch OR dinner for two adults and two children at Bambu A-Reserve tickets for 4 to the Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy Roundtrip CotaiJet™ ferry tickets for 4 (for HK residents only)

Other Prizes: A-Reserve tickets for 2 to the Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy - a total of 10 sets

How to enter:

All children aged from 3 to 12 are welcome to enter the competition. Complete the coloring entry form in its entirety, fill in your contact information and drop off the completed form into the collection box located at the Disney On Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy CARS display at The Venetian® Macao or mail to the below address and postmarked on or before 17 December, 2010:

Disney on Ice presents Worlds of Fantasy Coloring-in Competition Destination Marketing Department The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel Estrada da Baia de N. Senhora de Esperanca, s/n Taipa, Macao (SAR), P.R. China

Participants can pick up colouring entry forms at the “Disney On Ice Presents Worlds of Fantasy” CARS Display area at The Venetian Macao.

Prize winners will be announced on 21 December, 2010.

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