Disposable T-Shirts at Stanley Market

Stanley Market

I love cheap, "disposable" clothes as much as the Jacadi stuff. Each serve very different purposes. The Vilebrequin and Jacadi make me feel like Uber Put-together Mum (my child looks just like in the glossy catalogues!) even if I am very langgar that day (ie look like crap), they inspire me to smile just as indulgently and patiently as the model mums, when my child knocks his entire mango smoothie across the table when we are entertaining at a nice restaurant (obviously in such situations you sweep the child and oh yes, the outfit, out of harms' way with little regard for the bright yellow drink. It is after all just a mango smoothie. But your child is wearing Jacadi.)

(And yes I am aware I am a total victim of advertising but I say if it helps me not yell at my child and gets my game on as mum-who-never-berates-her-child-but-just-smiles-encouragingly-while-gently-chiding-just-the-right-amount-like-the-exquisite-woman-in-the-brochure-who-has-probably-never-pushed-out-a-screaming-baby-or-cleaned-poop-off-her-fingers-or-face WHY THE HELL NOT? Oh, Shutup.

HKD 45 Disposable Tee from Stanley last year...

The cheap stuff serves an equally important role. I don't flinch when Rockstar dribbles bolognaise sauce down his front while slurping his spaghetti. Can't get the stains off that white shirt? Bin it. HKD 45 still too painful? What are the odds Rockstar is going to order something like spaghetti bolognaise the first time he's wearing that shirt? (And yes if he's wearing something expensive and light-colored I conveniently overhear the next table with the big boys being very unhappy with their spaghetti because it was too spicy/salty/whatever). He usually wants a salmon steak anyway.

More Tees (Yes that's President Obama in some PRC uniform. HKD 69. No I don't know what the chinese words say. Yes Bruce Lee is a slightly more popular t-shirt image than the President. No I did't buy  either.)

HKD 45 adjusted for several wears and my child getting serious utensil practice in plus being in charge of feeding himself enough healthy and nutritious food = worth more than the occasional binned Stanley Market tee to me. Also cheaper than hiring a child psychologist to undo any neurosis I incur from doing a nutty about his shirt/ his feeding himself/ any potentially unhealthy relationship with food and eating even. The Rockstar shall feed himself and make mostly the right food choices to stave off hunger and sufficiently nourish his growing body and brain, no more, no less.

(This comes from knowing someone who had a terrible emotional relationship with food; as a child she had bordered on obesity and her Tiger Mum  instilled such a regimen of healthy eating and exercise that her struggles with meals were heartbreaking. When we were tweens she would do things like squirrel away 2 dozen chicken wings from the school canteen and I remember what went thru my head - I was a steak, burgers and pizza girl who burned a massive number of calories, I just had so many activities going - I thought Why Do That, You Don't NEED To Eat Like I Do, It's Such A Nuisance To Have To Look For Food All Time... And I remember her flat reply along the lines of It Makes Me Feel Loved. She got punished a lot for binge-ing, it never stopped her, she just found better ways of hiding it. I fear the concept of my child being untruthful to me so he can do what he wants. We should want the same things.)

We also lunched at Rocksalt, which is Aussie seafood... See the hanging rock salt?

Yum. Too bad about the label on some of them. I shall avert my eyes.

Anyway, my haul was 5 tees, 2 pairs of khakis. Kaa-chinggg: HKD 430. Would've got more but my friend dragged me away. Everyone should have a shopping buddy who stops her from buying too many T-shirts (or really, anything). Bring on the Bolognaise.

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