Join Nuffnang to Win an iPad2!


This for my Nuffnang friends (and because who doesn’t want an iPad2?)

But… Aileen cannot read Chinese right?
Yeah, cannot. For all I know it says “Will sell Rockstar for iPad2.”

Oh wait there’s more English, “something Blog something Nuffnang something-something Blogger …….. Blog Community ……. Blogger …… Blog something Blog”
Uh, “Blog about tattooing ‘Nuffnang’ and ‘Blogger’ on an interesting body part?”

Yeah I stopped being funny so I shall shut it.

Hang on there’s an English attachment in my inbox

How come no one trusts me with just the Chinese poster, I would like to know. Humph.

Anyway, more here: The Nuffnang iPad2 Lucky Draw June 2011

Ps: The Rockstar is not for sale. Most of the time, anyway.

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