Rockstarism #128

Rockstar got his new class list recently, and so I read out his classmates’ names, to some of the following responses:
Rockstar: #1 <after some deliberation> He’s n-ot too bad.
#2 <nodding authoritatively> Oh, that one is quite naughty
#3 My friend’s sister
Me: Your friend doesn’t have a sister.
Rockstar: Their names are so alike. So everyone says she’s his sister in school.
#4 She’s better than perfect
#5 She’s my friend
#6 Who is that?
#7 No don’t know
#8 No don’t know
#9 Is that a boy or a girl?
#10 No don’t know
#11 No don’t know
#12 No don’t know

#13 <frown> Oh. I know her. She’s too perfect
Me: What do you mean she’s too perfect? As in pretty, does everything the teacher says?
Rockstar: <thoughtfully> For ‘pretty’ I like long hair…. she has long hair… And she does everything right. Tsk! <frown, shaking head>

Me: What’s wrong with that, don’t tell me you find that boring?

Rockstar: <nodding> It’s a bit boring. She always does what they tell her.

Me: Isn’t that a good thing, listening to the teacher. Teachers tell you to share, right? I thought you get mad when people don’t share?
Rockstar: Oh, yeah. Ok, she’s not boring, I love her!

#14 My friend
#15 My friend
#16 My friend
#17 My friend
#18 Who is THAT?
#19 Hmm. Nope, don’t know.……
And on it goes…

Me: So Rockstar, what do you think your classmates say about you? Do you push? Not share? Get angry a lot? (I’m quite sure he “gets angry,” he’s come home a little down before, and told me he’s gotten told off for telling the girl next to him to “stop singing so loudly in (his) ear” …I responded “Of course you got told off, you were supposed to be singing, not telling someone else not to sing.”)

Rockstar: <Sheepish> W-ell, I don’t push, and I do share…

Me: Well you might want to think about how your classmates would describe you to their mums, just as how you’ve been telling me about them…


He was very proud of participating in a school fire drill… Made me save this picture…


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  • rou

    this is hilarious! i couldnt stop laughing at #9 Is that a boy or a girl? =D

    • Aileen

      Thanks Rou, sorry for late reply, have been backlogged on errands cos of the typhoon earlier in the week, I get most of my stuff done when Rockstar is in school…