In Singapore: “Physical Education teacher attacks 8-year-old boy”

If you read the story off Singapore Yahoo! it would appear an 8 year old in one of Singapore's top schools on the north side got tackled by his Chinese National PE teacher for walking off during volleyball training because it was "boring and repetitive".

Which is why I put the headline in quote marks, "attacks". Also why I mention first off this happened in Singapore because if you then go and read the comments there are whole sections about "FT" (Foreign Talent) and shame on the Singapore Ministry of Education for not hiring more local teachers and.....

He said, She said, They said...

School principal (apparently would say only that): Coach admitted to pulling student's hair

One parent of another child attending same class: Boy walked off allegedly finding lesson boring and repetitive. Enraged coach allegedly slapped and kicked the boy.

Local news: Coach nudged the pupil's head with her hand and tapped him on the foot.

Another parent (described as 40 year old businessman) of another child attending same class: his son who witnessed it has been badly affected by the violence. (Got me thinking HOW bad was this?! It was violent?)

Third parent whose son has been in the same class as recipient of PE teacher's actions: Other parents have complained about this 8 year old boy recipient's behavior.

I was just thinking, how long before someone decides security cameras are the best way to quash all the versions flying about. Don't waste time and energy. Time is money? Then spend it (the money) on cameras. You're still better off without the backlash. You may never have to play back a tape, the presence of cameras will probably cut speculation and gossip right down.

Ok sorry this is coming from someone who is used to having "lived" in earlier years in dealing rooms where you can't use a cellphone and all your conversations (including the ones with boyfriends) are taped, or your Bloomberg conversations transcripted. (And yes there was a security camera right above my old seat in my last place). So a bit too used to the concept of everything on tape.

Actually I have an idea to save money, as well as energy. Don't install cameras.

Just tell everyone you installed cameras. The signs don't cost nearly as much.

ps: In case it wasn't clear, I was kidding.

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  • zmun2

    I wonder why there is no comment from the 8-year old boy’s parents in the news report. If this happened to your child, what should a parent do?

    • Aileen

      Wahhh very good observation, the boy’s own parents “couldn’t be contacted” for the story!!

      I care very much about whether I’m barking up the wrong tree, so my reactions tend to be a bit delayed because I won’t know how to react til I know WHAT to react to… So I try to make up for it with a strong finish 😛 (and yes I intend to explain this to the Rockstar)