Rockstarisms #149 & #150 (Move over, Mr Spielberg…)

#149 Me: Ok gentlemen, ready to go? Kings (on laptop): Wait I haven't finished (sending an email) Rockstar (on iPad): Wait I haven't finished (some numbers game)

According to Rockstar: Mummy starfish, Daddy starfish, Rockstarfish. Debatable to me who is the little orange starfish.


And Double Sigh. (No, not really - he's allowed to do that right before I clean everything)

#150 Ok, this next one's just bizarre. It's here only because after we got Rockstar animal playing cards from the Australian Museum he was making up creatures and this was the first one he made up so I wanted to get it down. Rockstar: I got a weird one. A Black Shooter Bird. Me: Why is it called a Black Shooter Bird? Rockstar: <looking at me like I'm stupid> Uh, because it's black. Me: But does it shoot? Rockstar: <still looking at me like I'm stupid> Nooo. That's just the name. Rockstar: ...Do you know what they eat? They eat pizza, with extra pineapple and olives. And they drink carrot or pineapple juice. Me: That sounds like stuff you eat. Rockstar: Nooo it's not! <hurriedly> They also eat people. Me: <mildly startled> What? How do they eat people? Rockstar: They pick them up and feed them to their babies. Me: HOW big are these birds??? Rockstar: Very big! They can fly to the moon... And even Australia and Africa! - Move over, Mr Spielberg...  

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  • zmun2

    Time to go to Africa to see more animals on a Safari!

    • Aileen

      Umm….. 😀 he got the Africa thing from watching some documentaries.. Tho Safari West in San Fran that we visited last year is supposed to mimic it (except it’s cold)