Rockstarism #155 Dutiful Eating

After-school Scones and Jam (Uh, we're trying to carb up)


Me: You didn't touch your school snack (packed from home), did you forget to do your duties?

(As much as possible they unpack their own school bags on arrival at class, sorting diary (checked daily for parent-teacher communication), school snack, sunhat and book bag (on library days) in separate piles before placing school bag in their own cubbyhole, picking up their name tags (yes a lot of them can read each others names) and "signing in" which I think is writing their name on some register before the class starts each day... It never fails to amaze me how they get all these little kids so organized in Kindy)    

So anyway I thought maybe Rockstar forgot to unpack his snack, thereby not eating at break time. Rockstar: No, no, I put my snack in the basket... But then at snack time I saw what it was and didn't want to eat it so I put it back in my bag..... I ate the school biscuits. Me: Oh ok Rockstar: How come you're not angry? Me: Because you remembered your duties and also you did eat, I thought you went without eating. Rockstar: No, <knowledgeably> the school has biscuits. And sometimes when I don't eat (his snack) it's someone's birthday (ie there was cake or some other food available, I guess).

Belatedly I remember he went almost his whole first year without bringing a snack because he only wanted to eat the (relatively bland) school crackers. "I won't eat it anyway," when I wanted to pack something.

The snack he put back in his bag untouched was a chocolate-filled multi-grain toaster tart. Usually he gets a wholewheat toastie (either salmon or meat floss), our helper thought he might want a change that day... Apparently not..

He'll eat cake because he likes birthdays, but I find it a little funny how after I answered his Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad with "too much spoils your teeth and isn't good fuel for a brain that needs to learn stuff" he occasionally rejects foods as "too sweet" or says he's "had enough (sweets)."

And that's my spicy scallop pasta ( and I had to finish his thick Caffe Vergnano hot chocolate)

My serious little man. The father should be that disciplined.

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  • zmun2

    The After-school Scones and Jam look yummylicious!