Happy Hallowe-eeen…!

JD's going as The Mutant Demon Dog...

Rockstar was curious about the big night event our apartment development, well the clubhouse really, holds (which is free, pretty sure there are always lotsa crashers, they have to add extra shuttle buses and all to the swanky clubhouse)… We didn’t make it last year because we got tired too early so this time we slept in the day… We’re here til late, tonight…

Sorry no real pics once we entered, everything was just a blurry mess…

Except this rare pic of Rockstar pausing long enough in his Mummy Hunting With Balloon Gun for me to snap something recognizable…

Rare pic of Rockstar pausing long enough in his Mummy Hunting With Balloon Gun – still this isn’t even inside where all the dark tents and shows are

The… other kind of mummies, please.

Very very hard to exclude people from pics…. 

A lot of the kids are dressed quite gruesome with the fake blood and all, and brandishing axes and scythes at each other and there are sleeping pumpkins in prams being wheeled about. You’d’ve thought there’d be an insane amount of junk and sugar flowing about but it seems to mostly be what the residents brought on their own, I have to bum a few jelly eyeballs so Rockstar’ll agree to break for dinner (yes, at 10pm as I type this) because he wanted token freebie candy. (He did not like the lychee-and-cherry eyeballs and bloodied finger sandwiches the clubhouse had outside in cups, it was either that or sit in the cafe/restaurant a few feet away…) But it’s a lot of face painting/ tattoos, various artsy stuff and shows – aiya I’m sure it’s like most of the good Halloween parties going on this weekend…

Anyway HAVE A GREAT ONE EVERYONE, whatever party you’re at!!! Will try to update the greeting if I find any interesting pics of the action this weekend

Note: No Border Collies were injured in the making of this greeting. Except maybe if you count their dignity.

Our poor long suffering dog… Will make it up to her tomorrow.. (We didn’t take her out in costume la, she hates wearing anything other than her choke chain… but previous years we’ve attached lights to her)

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    Happy Halloween to you and your family too! Have fun!