Rockstarism #176 – The difference between Mummy and Daddy


Rockstar: Mum. Should I have the broccoli first, or the carrots?

Me: Up to you, darling, as long as you finish your dinner (which he does most nights anyway).

Rockstar: But… Which should I have first? Which do you want me to have first?

Me: It doesn’t matter to me, darling. And technically your stomach won’t know the difference either. Just eat whichever you feel like first. Green or orange.

Rockstar: But… Which do you want me to eat first?

Me: <thinking this could go on forever, just pick one> Carrots.

Rockstar: I think I’ll have the broccoli first. 

Me: <mild exasperation> If you knew you wanted the broccoli first then WHY did you ask me? I didn’t even care which you were going to have first and then you made me pick one and you actually want the other one.

Rockstar: <nonplussed, after finishing his mouthful of broccoli> Finished. <conversationally> Now which should I have, Mum?

Me: C- No. No. You are not messing me around for your entertainment. Just…. watch Mr Maker and let me sit quietly (I wasn’t feeling well).

Rockstar: Hee. This is more fun.


Rockstar: Mum. Which book do you want to read first?

Me: It’s up to you, you decide.

Rockstar: <innocently> But which do you want to read first, Mummy.

Me: You’re doing it again, aren’t you?

Rockstar: Hee. Yeah.

Me: Why don’t you just tell me what you want. No, wait – you want the opposite of whatever I want.

Rockstar: <laughing> Yes. 

Me: <accusingly> Did you pick this up from one of your clever, clever friends? How To Annoy Your Tired Mummy.

Rockstar: Hee No. They (would) follow me (on this one).

Me: Why don’t you do this to Daddy?

Rockstar: Be-ca-use……. <trails off>

Me: (??) Because what? Just call Daddy. 

Rockstar: <obligingly> Daaaaa-deeeeeeee…. 

Kings appears in doorway and grunts questioningly.

Rockstar: <conversationally> Mummy asked you to read me a book, Daddy. Which do you want to read first?

Kings picks one without comment.

Rockstar: No, I want the other one.

Kings gets the other one without comment.

Rockstar: <pause> Actually…. This one.

Kings puts the other one down and picks a third without comment. As he starts reading…

Rockstar: I think I want the first one.

Kings: Tsk. <Carries on reading the one he’d already started on. Yes, without comment>.

Me: <aside, to Rockstar> Is that why you don’t usually do these things to Daddy?

Rockstar: Hee yeah.

Kings: Hmm? <carries on reading>

Kings finishes the book and then also the next one before purposefully heading back outside. Bloomberg beckons. By which time the Rockstar is asleep.  

Suddenly, I understand why God makes Mummies and Daddies.

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