Remember the “Hong Kong Cow” in Sai Kung?

Remember this? (From this post)

Apparently “she” is a “he” – and his name is Grumpy. Guess this is him in yesterday’s South China Morning Post:

Yup, Grumpy’s with the Sai Kung Buffalo Watch, who are campaigning against the relocation of too many Sai Kung cattle because they fear it’s robbing Sai Kung of its rural heritage…

I like the bit in the article that mentions Grumpy knows how to use the zebra crossings 😀

Darn we didn’t get his autograph last time round…

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  • zmun2

    No autograph but at least, Rockstar has a nice photo with Grumpy! :)

    • Aileen

      Rockstar meet Rockstar :) yeah very happy we got pics… Maybe next time we’ll offer him an apple..