Still More Of Rockstar’s Favorite Things

Map Of The World Playmat And Jigsaw

Loooove this thing from Metkids Store. I picked it up for Rockstar to unload his two drawers of matchbox cars/ trains/ planes/ construction vehicles and what not on, to encourage role play. Safari expeditions (with jeep souvenir bought at the Singapore Zoo) in Africa, boating expeditions in Antartica or to see the dolphins, and so on.

YES that is a matching rubber ball I got from Stanley Market to appease the dog (herding it in the background). She got jealous about the mat - as communicated by her leaving her tennis balls all over it like, a gadzillion times while we were putting it together. She doesn't get jealous about Rockstar receiving affection, but she gets jealous about the stuff. Hmm. Well ultimately I can't live with a Material Rockstar but I suppose I can live with a Material Dog. Dogs don't grow up and need to raise and feed their own families someday. (Most of the time, anyway).

NO it didn't have to be a ball that actually matched the mat, I'm just nuts that way. (Ball was right there in the market when we were getting a helicopter for more role play. Nice, what.)

Frankly Rockstar's geography (just the continents) is already a little better than mine as a young teen - both Kings and I totally sucked. Kings thinks it's because we never travelled when we were growing up so no real interest. (Well, I kind of followed my parents to Singapore or HK or Haatyai and Bangkok on occasion when I was under-15, but that was it. Hadn't even seen snow til I was 34, remember?) Places on a map that we had to learn for exam purposes held very little meaning to us.

Rockstar putting together Australia

Rockstar: Aus...trali-a! That's Sydney Op-rah House!

Me: Yes, and a kangaroo in Australia. Now you'll remember where the kangaroos are.

Rockstar: Ye-es! In Sydney Op-rah House!

iPod Touch

My iPhone was just too full. I started cutting down all Rockstar's videos. Rockstar likes taping himself making up songs, stories, funny faces and just general nonsense. Sometimes it's like 20 or 30 videos of the same thing and my phone doesn't have any memory left to let him go to town before we pick a few to keep.

Rockstar In Da House

I'm trying to get him to film "documentaries" of various expeditions he makes on the world map. He does do it, some of it really doesn't make sense but it does crack me up - like when he put traffic signs in the ocean, "So the penguins will line up properly and not push." There are usually race cars in China/ HK (since he lives here and loves race cars and yes there are often sleek luxury cars on the street because as (yet another) blanket statement, they cost less to buy here than say, in Malaysia or Singapore because of taxes. Tho I think petrol and parking costs a lot more. No, we're never getting a race (i.e. luxury) car. It's never come up, but a girlfriend advised me to say to Rockstar if he ever asks, "Because we don't need it," rather than "We can't afford it," in case he repeats it in school and gets picked on. I'm thinking don't go to a school where he can get picked on for saying it, but anyways we are not car people.  Matchbox toy car people possibly, but that's it... 

WTV game

This is a simulation game at Wetlands Park that is just totally under-utilized. You pick up the conservation and environmental messages from browsing umpteen exhibits throughout the park, then when you reach this game you get a free "pass" that you save your info (for e.g. your pic) on and then swipe to activate. You play a reporter on a news channel (i.e. "Wetlands TV") with the assignment of educating the public about dangers to the environment and animals'  natural habitats and so on, caused by pollution, irresponsible buying of banned merchandise etc...

Oh. You thought that's why Rockstar loves this? He goes thru the exhibits like he's studying for exam and then chirpily regurgitates everything for the camera? Hah! Wrong child. Wrong blog. THIS is why he loves it:

He thinks it's funny to put his pic on as many machines as he can, and then when the simulation runs with the very authentic looking news anchors and genuine conservation footage, that is the face on the screen doing on-site reporting.

I forgot to take one of Chucky Face/ Scary Face. But that last one looks a bit like Ju On, no?

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I blog about living and raising my son in Hong Kong - where toddlers have entrance interviews, parents keep test score spreadsheets, private school debentures can trade for more than half a million USD. Raising Rockstar's the most important thing I'll ever do. We show our true colors by the choices we make in bringing up our children. My blog is a message to my toddler son, about what the world and his parents are like today - for when he becomes a teenager and knows everything.
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  • Dora

     ahahahah….that is awesome! that is totally something I would do as well! 😀

  • zmun2

    The world map jigsaw puzzle is so nice! I just love jigsaw puzzles. 

    I like your girlfriend’s advice – talking to a child about material things in monetary terms can turn a child into Mr Scrooge – too money-minded. Saying “we don’t need it” is so much wiser.

    I can imagine it is so hilarious to see all Rockstar’s funny faces on all the screens simultaneously. Can’t comment about the “Ju On” face as I am too “chicken” to watch that scary movie.

    • Aileen

      I’m real chicken too.. I know what Ju On looks like from the Scary Movie version 😀

      We didn’t have a playmat so when looking I decided to get the map of world one thinking it would kind of help him pick up something subliminally without my having to grill him to study it when he is older since I don’t really like grilling 😛