SEA Mummies’ CNY 2012 Har Mee/ Yee Sang Party

When a party turns out amazing (ie everyone enjoys themselves without being drunk to the eyeballs or evicted or arrested) it's like What Are The Odds? 

Get the party started!

I am naturally in awe of people who throw parties. More than the usual amount. Because the (very) few Kings and I ever attempted almost a decade ago seemed to always end up with people sh*t drunk enough to start push fighting, leave others stranded in deserted places, or blurt things like, "I still love (my ex-girlfriend)" in the presence of (current new girlfriend). Kings has gotten sh*t drunk having to "kan pei" everyone. I have been dumb enough to think 3 large cases of cigars as party favors were a good idea. (Have never even taken an exploratory puff of a cigarette. Somehow it didn't cross my mind people can get high and go nutters if they start puffing and drinking on an empty stomach.) WE SUCK.

So now I have an irrational fear of hosting. As the Rockstar would say, "I need a plan." That would be we now attend other brave souls' parties and heap compliments.

And here are party pics of a SEAsian mummy community (I think everyone at the party was either Singaporean or Malaysian) I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know a little better. Sadly some were still traveling so we don't have pics of everyone...

(This one macam studio shot for DVD box cover of Drama Series - but this is one of my fave pics because not only is it not blur, everyone looks nice and together - Got obnoxious building management meh? What school interview stress?).

So, rare opportunity to see SEAsian yummy mummies in their (kind of) natural habitat in Hong Kong, having Hokkien/ Har Mee and other traditional SEAsian goodies. If well-dressed mummies don't do it for you, the contraband (a.k.a. carefully flown in from Malaysia and Singapore special traditional sauces and kuih) will. I consider our host for the evening, Christine, guest contributor for this post - because of the pictures galore, emailed over, or taken with permission off her Facebook.

I shall feebly attempt wit and charm to keep up, often falling flat as Roti Prata.

Yes. There are attractive people living in Hong Kong (see?).

I call big group photos Test Of Friendship time: What to do, when all your friends look super, and you look.... A little less than - fine, you look like crap. Tis a far better thing you do, than - Fergeddit. Obviously I'm joking. Scr*w friendship. Look ugly, delete.

I was wrong before. This looks like DVD box cover of HK Drama Series. And then after the smiley one they have the very pat one of everyone trying to gouge each others eyes out with the chopsticks. (Sorry, didn't oblige. Next time I know everyone better I can ask? :D) But seriously - How come everyone else looked so good and camera ready, pose so nicely, and I then blur, dunno they are going to snap? But you can see I look happy blur..

Change subject... Carefully flown in Rojak sauce! In someone's handbag! And Yee Sang! (Finally! Hello Yee Sang! Crap! I can't have Yee Sang!)

This Rojak Sauce has superpowers. And oh, Yee Sang. How I miss you so. 

(Ate the crackers and other condiments. Still don't know what they are but very encouraged by the sight of Joanne walking into Christine's apartment with a neat little plastic bag. Maybe Kings can get this for me to munch in front of the tv when he's on biz trip. What? I'm pregnant. I'm not drinking. Or smoking. What else you want from me?)

Oh yeah, so Joanne on the far right, Christine our host in the middle, and my eyeballs looking I-don't-know-where.

And more fabulous party pics...

But get ready, here it comes..... <drrrrrrrum rollllllllll...............>

Oh, oh, Har Mee. Who's coming home with me tonight?

MUST have auspicious Lo Yee Sang shots. We Southeast Asian! Even though the pics are super blur because we got excited... Kudos to the lone dad who showed up and helped take pictures (and hopefully was well fed for his trouble...)

We take it upstairs to the rooftop...

(Yeah we took the food up too... Of course we took the food up... And there was wine... <grumble> )

 S-picy! I am so turned on right now.

Go on. You know you want to. (In pic on right, the very authentic-looking kuih on the top tray were home-made by Kara, who is a proper baker... The light crispy kuih (Shame!!! I forgot the name - again!!!) on the bottom tray were home-made by someone,  just not me, from Penang - my mum brought em during her visit.) I have not cooked anything seriously in over 5 years. Now's not the time to start, because I think everyone else cooking for the party has a black belt in local Malaysian/ Singaporean recipes. Sorry I forgot some of the other kuih-muih, the chilli-ed stuff and Rojak... There is more hope for me among those who have no time to cook and order Cova goodies or bring wine (some in the group are working mummies).

And more random party pics... (I especially like the dark rooftop pics even though they're blur, cos you can see the tall buildings and muted lights all around our Har Mee Party...)


And then on to more action downstairs...

Gambling? Us? Mummies? We were "pow-ing" Lai See/ Ang Pow. <uppity sniff>.

And with that, GONG XI FA CAI from Hong Kong!! 

Bring On 2012! Everyone looks good in their CNY 2012 Har Mee Party pictures, what could possibly go wrong with our lives now?

Ps: Thanks to Christine for the invite, for organizing, and providing the pics and all... This is her and Heartthrob. I have been secretly calling her 6+ year-old that, after finding out he calls her "Heart".

"Because you are forever in my heart."

Pps: Regular readers may notice I very seldom put up lots of pics with other people's faces - it's because in the past I've been reminded to be careful of pictures and stuff. It seems less common among English blogs in Hong Kong. So when in doubt don't put up. (It's a bit different for SEAsians btw, I notice Singapore mummy bloggers will post whole videos of their kids' class concert performances and things on Youtube <wistful>, and I remember seeing Jim Rogers' daughter's entire Nanyang class pic in Time or Newsweek or something...) 

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  • Heather Sario

    Wow! You girls look gorgeous, and the food is making me homesick… I miss having girlfriends so much :-/ And SEA ladies are just hot-hot-hot!
    Ahhhh… girly parties are the best parties ever. *nostalgic* :))

    • Aileen

      Aw… was worried you would say that actually… know you are very homesick, so sorry you are feeling that…

      Thanks for the compliments, I’m sure the ladies appreciate… so much stress n pollution 😛

  • zmun2

    Are you sure this is a mommies gathering and not a models gathering? All of you look so pretty and fit! 🙂

    • Aileen

      You are very kind, I’m sure you made their day.. I think I’m exempted la, I weigh about 62kg now 😀 A lot of us are about 35 or older btw; at least a handful I know, their kids are alumni of arguably the top Chinese Kindy here… Most (but not all) are also Putonghua speakers themselves, I think from Chinese stream in Malaysia, or from Singapore..