Rockstarism #195 – Imaginary Friends Want The Same Things We Do

Around the time JD and I usually start on our 3km walk... Rockstar: Mum! Yeeka's ship has landed! We need to go meet him in sector 78 (about halfway along the route I usually walk the dog)! Bring JD! Me: Uh... He's early today, usually he only gets here after your nap. Rockstar: But he's here now! We have to go meet him! Kings shakes his head no, because that would mean I have to deliver Rockstar back and then finish the walk with JD, making for almost double the usual distance; I'm about 6 months pregnant now... Me: Maybe he's here early because he has to take his ship for servicing. Like when Daddy takes his car to the shop for a tune up? Rockstar: No! His ship is fine, he just landed early today so we have to meet him early! Me: Well has he seen the fountain (in the restaurant)? You don't get water on the moon so why don't you show that to him first and then after your nap you guys can walk back to the ship together? Rockstar: He's seen the fountain tons of times! They have Lunar Fountains on the Moon. Me: They can't be the same as the ones on Earth, remember? It's why you don't have the same plants growing on the moon either, they don't share the same living conditions. Rockstar: <gloomily> But the fountain looks the same, whether you have blue Earth water in it or not... Me: Hey. Didn't Daddy say after your nap he wants to bring you to Madam Tussaud's (there's a small one very nearby)? Think Yeeka can be convinced to meet you a little later so you can both go together? If you don't nap soon you won't wake in time to spend longer there... <pause> Rockstar: Yeeka's ship just took off! Me: Which means.....? Rockstar: There's nothing wrong with his ship you see (ie doesn't need tune up I suppose), he's going to fly around and check the speed controls.  Settles down for regular nap and off I go with JD. One of the times you feel like radio-ing triumphantly Houston We Do Not Have A Problem...

Let us set our pregnant selves in a cafe and radio Houston as we gorge on Olive Tapenade and toast

Later that evening..... Me: Are all your imaginary friends boys? Rockstar: Yeah. They're all boys.  Me: How come you don't have any imaginary friends who are girls? Rockstar: <shrugs> I don't know, they're just all boys... Well Zippety has a baby sister coming... In June during the summer holidays... Me: Hey. Isn't that when you're expecting your baby sister? What a coincidence. Rockstar: <Laughs and shrugs> Y-eah, it is!

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