Going Preggers Shopping

Haven't done a shopping post in awhile. At 70+kg now and in my final trimester, I'm hoping to get by without splurging on too many pregnancy items, especially since I'm thinking this is probably the last time I'll be using them...

1) Victoria's Secret Most Loved Yoga Pants

*Body Double Used* 😀 (Pic from victoriassecret.com)

Been wearing these to sleep and around the house pre-pregnancy and - wonder of wonders - what are the odds I can still wear the same pairs now I'm over 70kg?? Maybe because they're old and therefore more stretchy? Regardless, USD 50 for 2 pairs and I hardly ever wear jeans now it's warmer. (Though I did splurge on a pair of Current Elliot Maternity jeans earlier in the pregnancy after rave reviews from Shopbop.com customers for when it was still cold...) But that fold-over waistband is super comfy with a baby belly.

2) Hermes Scarf


My first ever Hermes scarf purchase (well technically, this is a gift from Kings that I picked out myself - it is possible until he reads this post he doesn't know what he got me last special occasion hee hee). Never understood what all the H-word fuss was about, I don't usually go Hermes or Chanel because they don't usually go on sale. But pregnancy symptoms putting you in a crappy mood are a good reason to shop. (Sharrup. Last pregnancy I bot Gucci horse-bit gold chain necklace, strings of pearls... and after the pregnancy I bot myself diamond studs too - tho there's a story behind that <sheepish> (And I bot/sold my paper gold position til at least the Gucci necklace came free, because designer jewelry and the premium it comes with has got to top the list of frivolous purchases ever.)

I initially felt rather "auntie" looking for a non-cold weather scarf in some bright print I didn't "get". But when I told my gynea I was determined to go without meds throughout pregnancy (and at the time I had an "allergy cough" that had lasted months - she was initially all You're Not Sick la but eventually caved and said I could take something if I really wanted), she said keeping your neck warm makes a huge difference to whether you even cough or sniff on occasion (barring actually being full-blown sick). (Actually one of my most beloved female bosses (with two kids) says the same - which is why we would buy her Jimmy Choo scarves for birthdays and such.)

It was intimidating looking for a scarf. For one thing, I had no idea how to tie one. For another, the first time I went in the salesgirls at the Pacific Place store were snobby - because they were just finishing packing up like, half a dozen scarves for some Chinese guy who wanted "corporate gifts." The most popular 35 inch square silk scarf costs upwards of HKD 3,600 ok (I'm going to be framing mine if I can stop myself wearing it so much - as an art piece HKD 3,000- something is ok, no?), we might live here but we still marvel at the wealth flung about casually by the wealthier Mainlanders. It's an almost voyeuristic guilty pleasure to watch them.

I had researched a few colors and designs online and brought the pics on my hp in case I got sidetracked when faced with so many vibrant colors and designs - but barely glancing at them, the salesgirl sniffed, "all from the last few seasons," before I could even explain that I just wanted similar color combinations. They also assured me whenever new stock comes it's gone in a few days (what recession?!)

Had better luck at the store in Elements. "Don't worry, he's well-entertained," the young man serving me says, and sure enough I turn to see two older auntie saleswomen deep in conversation with Rockstar, still in his ESF uniform after school and apparently chatting about Show 'n Tell. (The other salesgirl wasn't exaggerating though - this store has just gotten their new shipment and the scarf counter is never empty - the sales staff have to seriously fold stuff real fast to keep up with all the women trying them on. In case you were wondering, the women I observed all spoke in Cantonese. Not Putonghua.)

Still a little embarrassing though, when the guy serving me can expertly drape and tie various scarves and I obviously have no idea what I'm doing. (Would've felt much more comfy if he was obviously gay, I love the gay sales guys at certain Jacadi outlets who are just superb at putting together toddler outfits but it's actually possible this was a straight young guy who can expertly drape and tie <shame>.)

In case you're wondering, you get a stack of cards teaching you how to tie the scarves - I went home and flicked thru them all and they still don't tell me how to tie it the way this young guy did in the store. Freak. There is something unnatural and disturbing about young straight guys who can expertly drape silk scarves. 

3) Choos!

Jelly Choos

Believe it or not, my first ever pair of Jimmy Choos and they're umm, not what you would expect of Choos, being flat jellies. I couldn't wear any of my pre-pregnancy jellies and the rainy weather were turning my leather flats to mush.

Rockstar's fingers are kinda horning in on the photo op though I managed to keep JD's nose out of it. When I tried to take a pic of my shoes the two of them started jostling in front of the camera. Rockstar to horn in on the photo op, JD to horn in on whatever Rockstar wants. There is also a corner of our room the two fight over several times a day. Rockstar wants to put his house crocs there, JD wants to sleep there. What would one do without the other for entertainment?

Anyway. Jelly Choos were HKD 1800+ original price. I paid HKD 800 at the Choo warehouse (to be exact Bluebell carries Choo, Paul Smith, Moschino......) in South Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau. Friends staying in Singapore will make it a point to look for an impulse purchase here because they say Choos are real expensive in Singapore...

Choo being Penangite (last I checked, a former classmate told me he has a school in Penang and my parents say they see him walking about the island on occasion) I bought one of his bags years ago. Love, but heavy - and I'm having back problems now. Which brings me to:

4) Little Chloe crossbody bag

**Border Collie not included

What? I hijacked Rockstar's crossbody for months ok, til I just felt so lousy with the pregnancy symptoms, lack of sleep and feeling horribly un-stylish from wearing the same basics all the time. So net-a-porter.com (this time they were superfast processing my order). Only for essentials but not bad that I could squeeze in a small pouch for cash and cards, Rockstar's iPod, my iPhone, mints, silk or small lightweight wool scarf. Which is all I really want to waddle around with right now. But I'm still using it when the baby comes. The baby stuff is still going in a separate bag. Unisex. The two males  can do some lugging. I'm sore enough I shall be the only one getting my stomach cut open so we can have another addition to our family. Yes. Problem solved.

5) Jersey dress

Dis is a body double from Shopbop.com

Got this from Shopbop.com cos we had a poolside dinner to attend during our recent Singapore trip. Wore with flat roman sandals. It comes in print or solid colors (btw I like to wear a shot of bright color when preggers - feel more energetic and I just think looking at the color helps my mood too, especially since this pregnancy is mostly uncomfy. My friends are always on about not being grouchy or your grouchy baby is going to give you hell when he/she is out.)

I likey the backey

I liked the back and was wearing a bikini top with back and neck ties under it so as not to show straps thru the slits. More interestingly, the model is 5ft 11inches with 34-25-35 measurements. I am slightly shy of 5ft 7inches and 70+kg. A whale. And I bot the same size as the model is apparently wearing in this pic. There is obviously something about Rachel Pally Caftan Dress that defies the laws of nature and physics. Speaking of which.....

5) A little support...

Shopbop Basics sports bra

By this time I'm hoping to have lost all my male readers as I start talking about nice underwear and support. I like to wear not-too-restrictive sports bras, even to sleep, and compared this Shopbop basic to the fugly maternity bras I bought in proper maternity shops last time round and they seemed to serve about the same purpose for me. The reviews actually called this one unsuitable for high impact sport - which is great when your breasts swell 3 whole sizes and occasionally hurt when the mood takes them which, if Murphy had been a woman, would be whenever you are trying to get to sleep at night. I hope to be able to slip breastfeeding pads into this and all when the time comes, but we'll see... At least now I can still flop about the home feeling like I could've been going to the gym for a good workout - but for a teeny difference.

And yes, very important to have nice panties and things to go with. No one else might see them but you will. And you will care, because you will catch yourself in the mirror at some point and think I'm A Whale.

No, better make that I'm A Hot Whale. 😀

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  • Jessie Yap

    Feel like a whale now too, though I am just starting to show. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, it feels funny. 

    Also, have to start shopping for some flats and dresses as the currents stuffs not fitting well anymore. Hope your pregnancy going well 🙂

    • http://raisingrockstar.com Aileen

      Hi Jessie… Handling pregnancy and Rockstar makes me want to zzz every chance I get and I mostly don’t sleep well, this pregnancy… Hope yours is more comfy… Oh, but I discovered I have lots more “online company” than I did with Rockstar – significantly more of my girlfriends are pregnant (though none really follow the “dragon year” thing)… I’m the furthest along though, but it’s still great because whales love company – in spirit or in kind, I’ll take it!

      Someone told me the Shopbop basic sports bra already sold out tho 😛 hope they have more soon, victoriassecret.com will probably not sell out so fast, they sell massive quantities of yoga pants all the time… Oh, and I bot their basic tube dresses to wear under v light cardi too..