Rockstarism #208 – Another Lego Superheroes Comic Book Story


We bought another Lego Superheroes set... Also thanks to my girlfriend who told me about a Lego Superheroes iPhone App that allows you to make your own "animation" based on your finished Legos, complete with background sound effects and comic book style "Boom"s and "Crash"es. Someday maybe I'll actually have a workable Youtube to post. Meantime.......

Rockstar: The car with Two-face inside shot a bomb. The banker was trying to get his parcel with the money, but the car didn't dare let go. (Rockstar absolutely refused to accept the idea that this was a bank robbery. He insists Two-face was delivering money to this bank.) Me: "Didn't dare"? That implies fear. Why were they scared to let go? Rockstar: Because they were scared if they let the banker have the money he will run away with the money. (By all means, enjoy yourselves 🙂 Rockstar: And then Two-face was throwing a coin in the air and the banker was still holding on to the money. And then the coin landed on the scraped side so Twoface was bad! <checks my notes> .... Exclamation mark (after "bad"). Yes. And then Two-face kicked the banker. And then one of Two-face's helpers was laughing because it was so funny. The club car was shooting its gun! (They all belong to the same "club" because they are all dressed the same.) And then the club people were parking their car so they didn't see the Bat Guy's car flying over their car. And then the club car was tilting with the people inside and they were wondering what's going on and then the Bat Car went Shah-loooooom! So loud.  And then the Bat Car shot a bullet. Oh. Two, actually. And then the club people worried how to get away from the bullets.  Thoom! Thoom! Vreeeeeee! <derives special pleasure in reading the word sounds and making the sounds super loud> And then it almost hit the club people's car. And then the Bat Guy in the Bat Guy's car was puzzled. Me: Uh, why was he puzzled? Rockstar: He didn't know he could make the guns work.

"Bat Guy's Confused Face"

The End.  

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  • CA

    I hope that when Rockstar’s old enough and able to read this story on his own that he loves the story just as much as I did. Thanks, Rockstar. This teacher approves, with two thumbs up.

    • Aileen

      Haha thanks dear, he can read a bit la, though not all of it and not perfectly.. I was thinking it can be quite different, what kids see, especially if they don’t have preconceived notions formed from watching the actual movie or anything…

  • zmun2

    Any particular reason Rockstar refused to accept that it was a bank robbery?

    • Aileen

      Not really, just insisted they aren’t stealing the money 😛