Rockstarism #213 – Singlish vs Frenglish on The Noose (and other lighthearted Friday surfings)


Kings finds this particular episode of hit Singapore series The Noose hilarious because he used to work in a French investment bank. He still speaks English with heavy Singlish/ Malaysian Hakka accents so in the beginning, he would be on the phone trying to get a pricing in the middle of the night with a French trader/ structurer and they would both be speaking "English."

My husband would get louder and louder (ditto French trader on the other end) - why do otherwise bright people still do this - the other person is not deaf, they just can't. Understand. What you are saying. Finally my hub would go, "AIYA I SEND YOU EMAIL" and hang up.

One of said French structurers whose wedding we would have flown over to attend had I not been pregnant then still goes "Ai-YA." If you haven't heard "Aiya" in a French accent you haven't heard Shakespeare like it's "meant" to be spoken... How come he learn Sing/ Manglish my hub no learn French? Sigh. Kings is still Fastest Thumbs Ever on a berry. He converses on BBM, WhatsApp or other text message. Note to self: Rockstar can get reading/ spelling practice in. The Rockstar made me download Emoji on my iPhone yesterday. Believe it or not I never used them before then.

Anyway. Kings sends me this and Rockstar overhears me watching it:

Rockstar, as expected, finds this super hilarious.

Me: Hey. Are you laughing at the Singlish or the Frenglish?!

Rockstar: Singapore English (not Singlish).... Which is the Singapore English which is French?

Me: This guy is speaking Singlish. This guy is speaking French.

Rockstar: The Singapore English!! Of Course!! HEE HEE HEE.

Ok, TGIF - here are couple more things I happened to read:

Polar Bear and Seals make a run for it. (And other animals on the loose - we had it all wrong, the guys who work here are the ones to feel sorry for. (Not say, the night nurses in the HK Sanatorium baby ward. Which btw, is totally soundproof. Hearing the sound cut off as the heavy security door swings shut, Kings once remarked, "OMG these people who work here must go for counseling. Get screamed at all the time..." Yeah. Newborns and deadly Egyptian Cobras. Same difference.

AND other things someone thought you needed to know:

Pot is bad for your dog. Your dog needs to Just Say No.

How To Build Muscle. Everyone's goal in life. (But seriously, really liked skimming it to check "default" eating habits.)

Bag Of Water With Coin In It Really Keeps Flies Away (If someone tries this at outdoor kopitiam please tell me if it works... We don't go to a lot of places with flies in HK but I would try any remedy like this on mosquitos in a heartbeat if I thought it would work. Going without repellant however, just to find out, n-ot to be done just lightly.)

Me: WHY did anyone create mosquitos? What possible use is the species, except to spread disease and be a nuisance?

In unison, without looking up:

Kings: To feed frogs.

Rockstar: So frogs have something to eat.

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  • StephM

    Hahaha I liked the ‘Chai Tau Kuey’ part.. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Love your posts..

    • Aileen

      Thanks dear my favorite was Alaric Tay and his “You talking Ang Moh or not?”

  • zmun2

    How did you ever manage to find such interestingly bizarre things to read about!? ;p

    • Aileen

      I spend like 4 hours a day expressing milk… during which time I can’t type much but can read 🙂