Because They Do It Better – Animal Photobombs, Obama Slowjamming And Weird Benches

1) Because They Do It Better. This from Huffington Post's 45 Amazing Animal Photobombs.

"Hi, Mum!"

2) How come our leaders don't do this? (Couldn't embed Youtube - click link please)

Image from

Wouldn't mind if Rockstar has this job when he grows up. Jimmy Fallon's, not Barack Obama's. Who's crazy enough to want the job with the launch codes? (Ok but seriously - President Obama's a Rockstar.) 3) Wonderfully Impractical Public Benches - another way of asking Why Would Anyone Do This? Great weekend everyone...! Ps: Our bathroom flooded into the neighbor's bedroom night before last, necessitating day-long repairs... Plus, earlier plumbing works already left the water brown and cloudy. So the baby's been bathing in tubs of Watson's bottled water for couple days - she's no Queen of Egypt, but when this is all over she might be crowned Princess Rockstar after all...   

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  • zmun2

    The seal’s face in the photobomb picture is just too hilarious! 😀

    Arghhh, I really dislike things going wrong in the house that requires workers trampling in and out to do repair work. Wonder how you can stay sane with water supply being brown and cloudy, I would have pulled out all my hair!!! 🙁

    • Aileen

      Yeah! Who says animals like dogs (not monkeys) don’t really smile? I think some of those animals are really totally smiling in the pics. They may not know it’s a camera, but they sure know something’s up! My mum thinks the seal knows how to do that because there are too many tourists 😀