Because What Else Would You Be Doing On A Friday…..


1) Because what else would you be doing on a Friday. Someone found swimsuits to match books. Well really, book covers. Guess someone got bored (in the office?)

2) "I'm-Mitt-Romney-Let's-Go-Party" - Rockstar likes Weird Romney Attack Ad - which is to the tune of Aqua's I'm A Barbie Girl. (Y-es, I know Mattel got upset and sued and all that, but it is a catchy tune...)

- my favorite is the bit at the salon where "Romney" bobs his head to the music, with his sideburns in foil.

- Rockstar's favorite is the toy dog (runners-up: stock exchange bull and the "talking heads" at the end - who are actually the biggest donors to the Romney campaign. My son thinks they're cute, is that enough consolation to being in the music video?) Though he is disapproving of the concept of an attack ad. Maybe because I demonstrated by showing him what an attack ad on his fusspot-ness might be like. My bad.

3) When parents split up, children suffer: Celebrity Pet Custody Battles. (Hah! Betcha thought I'd do Tomkat and Suri). There's Non Celebrity Pet Custody Battles too. USD 60,000 later............ don't know what to say. But others did.

4) So you like Lists: 41 Overly Enthusiastic Olympics Fan-atical Costumes. Seriously not for the faint hearted. Right when you're thinking Why Not Inspire My Child To Someday Be In The Olympics, you get freaked by the fruitcakes.

5) And Quizzes: Weird News Photo Quiz.

(This one's for you, Mun 😉 I don't find the dolphin one that weird - that was almost the only one I got right. That, and the Hindu festival.

6) Rockstar loves NASA Mohawk Guy. It's NASA, the real-life version of Cbeebies' Lunar Jim. It's "funny hair". What's not to love?

So Rockstar tried it:

Oh sorry. Is that not my child? No? Then it must be Tim Flach's Gods Dogs book cover. I now know what I'm getting my mum for Christmas. Unless she wants more "free" skincare samples <roll eyes>. It's my mum. It's the "free" samples. I get to be all "Mu-uum!" again.

Let's try one more time:

There. Today it's the hairstyle, tomorrow it's the NASA? 

The poor guy got like, 1,000 marriage proposals. Oops. Is there no cool career safe from the crazies?

Rockstar thinks NASA gets engineering ideas from Lunar Jim. Mars Rover suspiciously "looks just like the Lunar Crawler!" 

NASA, we're on to you. It was never the MIT degree, was it?

But for real, NASA Mohawk Guy spawned so many Memes - "I hope my son grows up to be just like you," "Joined a band, didn't give up my day job," "My other car is a Mars Rover"...

And this umpteen-liked one on Facebook...

I think there may be a few people in NASA secretly pissed a 100 dollar mohawk is overshadowing a gadzillion-dollar Mars Rover. Kinda like when they drop serious cash inventing a pen that writes in zero gravity and then someone just uses a pencil.

But here's the thing about the mohawk. There's probably a bunch of kids out there who thought mohawk = anti-establishment = don't study hard = freak your parents out = cool. NASA among other things was about exploration, Going Where No One Has Been Before, because you never know what you might discover in the course of looking for something else. Not sure how easy it is to get billions of dollars signed off for space exploration when back home there's unemployment and financial crisis.

Yet in landing on Mars, they discovered....................... the mohawk. (By which I mean the ability to motivate the younger generation which is of course priceless - next change they'll all be NASA engineers not bankers.)

People who thought mohawk phenom was just about the hair are still lost in space. This one's funny, though:

Have a good weekend...

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  • zmun2

    Based on your tips, I also got the two questions correct. If not, I can only get the 1st one correct (dolphin).:)

    How is it done? Get a book cover and then look for a bikini that matches or get a bikini and then go to a bookstore to find a book cover that matches the bikini ? ???

    Rockstar’s hair looks like Edward Scissorhand’s hair!

    • Aileen

      Erm… Both? Bikini-book, book-bikini? I’ve actually seen some of the expensive swimsuits for sale before (I THINK) on … One day must show Rockstar Edward Scissorhands, bet he finds the whole Scissorhands thing interesting..