So You Want More Things To Do On A Friday

1) How about studying the physics behind cats always landing on their feet. Such scientific experiments can only be achieved by dropping cats. Heck, I just like his cat's face while being dropped.

Not impressed?

Neither was McKayla (Maroney, the 16 year old gymnast who got silver at the Olympics and made The Face That Launched A Thousand Memes.)

How bout now.

(found that pic from Facebook)

The Price Waterhouse Coopers Singapore recruitment youtube that is attracting mixed responses. There seem to be people upset auditors can't sing and dance or maybe even edit videos. How come they aren't happy auditors have a sense of humor? (It was meant to be funny, right?)

But seriously, I hope those guys get points for gumption. And risking ridicule. I just thought it might be made by their existing interns - in which case the non-intern people in the video I took to being hugely supportive of their interns' efforts. That is something to be said for recruitment, rather than a "canned" video (open can apply message) with a very proper, impersonal message - if their interns got to do something other than simply photocopying, that was then allowed to be hugely visible like that... (I'm just saying. I studied Accountancy at NTU, but never worked in Big 4...) Anyway with that in mind:

There Go Some Very Brave Auditors. Let He Who Has Equal Guts To Try That Cast The First Snarky Comment.

Ok third time lucky:

Things that make you go AWWWWWWWWW. Buzzfeed's 45 adorable odd animal couples (or threesomes or orgies).

Reminding us once again that the young 'uns are color-blind. Or really, species-blind.

2) Betcha thought I wouldn't be able to say "penis" on a mummy blog without landing someone in therapy. Number One In Huffington Post's "19 Things We Know More About Than Mitt Romney's Tax Returns" Is King Tut's penis. <bows>.

Washington needs PWC. They have the brave auditors.

3) What To Do In The Event Of A Zombie Infestation. So Resident-Evil-year? This happens to be on the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Public Health Matters Blog. For real.

Actually I felt scared after finding it. So they claim it's tongue in cheek...... I am not putting up zombie pictures.

4) So You Thought Your Job Sucked. At least you didn't hurl yourself on an escaping kangaroo in the line of duty. I especially like how they describe the police officer as a "very fit woman." Kind of a non-event, Wild Animals Help Kangaroos Stage Jailbreak, but I wouldn't hurl myself on an escaping kangaroo unless it had my children in its pouch.

5) Of course, nothing can keep you away from your kids this weekend, you've been missing them all week right? Let's see you spend your day off answering some of these: Sex-related questions from 7th Graders. I liked "Is Trojan Best For Protection?"

Okie, have a good weekend. Especially the brave auditors.



Ok, these are not auditors. I usually end with a nice pic, remember? These are all from that adorable animal couples thing I linked to above.

(Told ya it's an orgy <blush>)

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  • zmun2

    We are having a long weekend over here. Hope your weekend is a good one too!

    • Aileen

      Oh yes of course – Paisay I lost track cos my helper deferred her fasting… Yes hope you had a good one…