Somewhere In The World It’s Barely Friday…

(My excuse for being later, today.)

1) “Dear Parents, we are learning about the history of video games. Please let your child play all day long so he can be ready for the test. From Teacher.”

And other hilarious notes written by kids. I like this one:

2) Elizabeth Hurley’s bikini line for young girls upsets parents.

I was more bothered by the recent study the article mentions, saying girls as young as 6 think of themselves as sex objects and want to be considered sexy. Right Up There with my former RM’s description of his 7yr old who popped her hip and asked, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, Daddy?”

In case you ever doubted there was anything a little girl could do that might terrify a 6ft 2″ English gentleman who pumps iron very regularly.

Kings will look up from his laptop one day and go Hmm? Where Is De Dungeon For Locking Ms Rockstar In?

Untapped potential: dungeons for high rises.

Possible alternative: Fusspot, incredibly serious, thin-skinned older rockstars.

3) This is why imagination and creativity are super important for parents. Boopy Goes To Berlin is like Roberto Benigni’s Life is Beautiful. (My favorite from the movie is when his son asks why there is a sign forbidding dogs and Jews to dine in a restaurant and he says they should go home and make a sign forbidding spiders and visigoths in their own home. Until your child is older, your answers shape your child’s view of the world. It’s a terrifying huge responsibility.)

4) 12 year old writes to Republican nominee Romney: This boy’s little sister suffers from a potentially life threatening pre-existing condition that under Obamacare would not be an acceptable reason for insurance companies to deny his family coverage. So when Romney wants to repeal it, this 12 year old writes in <respect>. I liked how his parents had been teaching him to write letters about issues he feels strongly about, it wasn’t just now with Election 2012 looming…

Letter in its entirety here.

Have a good weekend…

or not:

Oh ok, not yet – I always have some animal thing, don’t I?

5) How bout Japanese duck-billed muzzles from Bored Panda?

(Be afraid, JD, be very afraid.)

Quack quack woof.

6) Somewhere in 20 Creative DIY Project Ideas is an inspirational Life Is Beautiful-esque message about how you look at things.

(Note: that’s a toilet paper roll.)

And with that, it’s a good weekend.

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  • zmun2

    Yikes! I really wonder how can anyone think of putting the Japanese duck-billed muzzles on their dogs!? I don’t think JD is afraid because she knows that you love her too much to put any muzzle on her – much less that hideous duck-billed muzzle.

    Hope your weekend is lovely and Ms Rockstar is wiggling her toes and nothing is obstructing her cute little feet. :)

    • Aileen

      Thanks dear, hope your weekend was great… JD hates muzzles, duck-billed or otherwise, ditto being dressed up. We have doggie demon horns and wings for Halloween but stopped it when we realized she hated it so much. For awhile we attached lotsa neon light sticks to her, she doesn’t mind that, then we got chased off Repulse Bay beach so nowadays we don’t bring her trick or treating…