That Which Master Crusoe Named His Man…

1) "We are currently preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist... using technologies that haven't been invented... in order to solve problems we don't even know are problems yet."

I thought the Youtube was brilliant. I first saw a version of it at one of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) information sessions for parents at Rockstar's school... (I don't explain it very well because all education stuff in general feels very new to me, one major reason I'm thankful for info sessions. And the video. Oh yeah Rockstar's recent school tour was a first learning unit as well...)

I did however take home how we are to support our kids' learning by asking specific questions ("What did you learn about plants?" i/o "What did you learn today?"), possibly at some point in future coming in as guest speakers with any interesting skills to show our kids, and that the school tries to also give them opportunities to learn what they are interested in... In addition a run through on how to navigate the Virtual Learning Environment, including any interesting items our children may want to upload, powerpoint slides or etc...

Considering a lot of what I remember of my (then) schooling was traditional homework, a lot of memorizing, and later on essay writing in 3-hour examinations, my "d-uh response" is Ok, So This Is Not. (I said "d-uh," right? I always thought "d-uh" is easier than pretending not to be. And I know how that also makes me..... LAZY :D:D:D)

But seriously, after going through Ye Olde Route myself I really hoped for something different for The Rockstars; application of what has been learnt in different, at times unexpected circumstances...

2) When animals do it it's always funnier. Halloween costumes for animals. (Or, sometimes why animals bite humans.)

Dis is a ferret dressed as Freddy Krueger
Nightmare Ferret is there because I didn't want to follow item one directly with the one right below... 3) Artist Damien Hirst kills 9,000 butterflies. Self explanatory.

4) Mind-blowing landscape photography. Also self explanatory. And mind-blowing.

5) Damn you all to hell - typed on a 1934 Corona Silent Typewriter - by Tom Hanks. What I want to know is why he collects them.

6) I actually do sanitize my credit cards. But well, not money. (And who knew drinking fountain and vending machine buttons are some of your 8 germiest office places?)

Ok, last pic...

Chihuahua as Hugh Hefner for Halloween

Apparently I thought mass murdering ferrets were better than playdogs. Maybe not. It's still wrong. HOW do we explain these to our kids, Hugh Is A Guy Who Likes Rabbits? <self-righteous sniff> Also, "Hugh's" actually a Pomeranian.

Good weekend...

Ps: Muppy update: Each day, my parents have been driving over to spend the day at the vet's, tending to their mostly still-unconscious dog... At lunchtime, my dad would drive out and buy lunch back, which they would eat in the quiet, deserted clinic... For half a day yesterday, they thought she had taken a turn for the worse, because she was sleeping like the dead, unable to wake even when they brought the other dog in. And then my dad opened his bag of Mc Donald's Chicken Nuggets and she wanted one.

She staggered 6 joyous steps. She could detect motion, with her limited vision. Just when I thought I could cut down the number of long distance text messages I was sending for updates, my parents were called back into the clinic last night. Muppy had had two more seizures and so my parents spent most of last night in the clinic, before returning home to get some sleep in the morning, the dog still under heavy sedation. 

Maybe I should be even more worried than I am. Certainly my parents, especially my mum, must be. I haven't told her, I will some time in the future, that it occurred to me the dog may not even have survived 7 years if not for her loving care.

Oh, she's up again, at press time.

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  • mun

    thanks for the update on Muppy. May your parents keep each other strong in this trying time. You too – take good care!

    • Aileen

      Thanks dear… will update again soon…!