Friday More Years

(A reference to President Obama's official Tweet, simply, "Four More Years"...)

Dis is a fly's eye. For real. What I want to know is how they dissected it.

1) A small but glorious world. Microscopic images. Things that make you go AAAWWWWWWWW-Yuck.

Baby spiders

2) Here's another - food photographed with an electron microscope. More things that make you go AAAWWWWWWWW-Yuck. (Or really, just Yuck.)

We are supposed to take their word for it dis is a raisin.

And I never liked pop tarts...

- - 3) Oh look, More Useless Crap To Fill Rockstar's Head With, just in case no one notices he is Offspring Of Geeks. (No, not really, you can hang up on Child Welfare Services now.) But seriously, who knew paradoxes had names? I like Kirk's (for Captain Kirk, I suppose) Paradox:

When a person’s increasing number of Star Trek insignia tattoos leads to exponentially decreasing chances of ever being hired by NASA.

Oh hey, we haven't taught Rockstar the word paradox yet! Why don't we - no. Stop. Not even in jest, Aileen....

4) I like this one, Little People - A Tiny Street Project, because I get to pretend I have some profound (and vaguely obscure) thing to say about noticing the "little things."

Like so.

Milligram here, milligram there, it adds up. There. Puh-ro-found.

5) Ok, here come the animals:

"Every animal responds differently to temperature changes, light, human presence and even sounds – some of them would feel better with the music on, while the other would get intimidated by it."

Yes. Ok. Fine. Good. What I want to know is why the quote above is preceded by a picture of this chicken. (Also, what's wrong with it, and is it catching <germ freak>? Ok la, cos it's "dancing" at the bottom of this page.)

Bok bok bok.

Because every blog should have a picture of a featherless chicken. And headless bat.


- - - A smiling ray...

Hee hee, you're cute.

- - - And this thing. (What is this thing?)


This reminds me of the time my dad mentioned an Orang Asli wedding dinner he attended where they served giant stuffed anteater. And this reminds me it is the weekend. Have a good weekend.

If you try hard enough.

Y-eah. This is just gross. Oh-oh <ahem> "Those that dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." Puh-ro-found.  

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  • mun

    Can’t say that I like looking at the photos of this Friday’s post. Well, have a good weekend!

    • Aileen

      haha same to you dear.. wonder how they got the chicken like that…