Fruit Dissection

From Rockstar's school's weekly email to support the kids' learning about plant life...

"...We would like the children to bring in their favourite fruit to school to show the class on Monday. Please could the fruit be brought in to school whole. We will then cut or peel it in the classroom together during the course of the week to reveal the seeds inside...."

I'm thinking 30 Kids. There's Going To Be A Lot Of Strawberries, Mangoes And Papayas. What Else Does Rockstar Like?

I have a funny thought and text Kings:

"Ryan has to bring a whole fruit to school on Monday so they can cut it open during class  to examine the seeds. Should give him a durian. But then they would have to open in class with a parang..."

Durian pic I took earlier this year

(Yes that is a HKD 1,000 durian.)  

Kings happily replies:






"Yeah nice. Let's do that. I don't mind helping out."

I don't know which is funnier - that my husband (and this is not the first time) totally didn't get that I was joking, or the thought of him on the carpet in the middle of Rockstar's classroom earnestly hacking at a giant pong-y durian with a meat cleaver...

Parang pic from blades forum

And no Rockstar is not bringing durian, I thought of Salak (snake fruit)...

Pic from

...because of the interesting scaly skin you can peel, but it really isn't his favorite (too acidic and sour) - so we're trying to find Mangosteen over the weekend.

Pic from

The Mens often bond over the Queen of Fruits in the kitchen, with Rockstar perched on the counter.

Much younger Rockstar on kitchen counter but here he was making chocolate milk..

Anyway vaguely remember my mum saying nothing gets out that red juice if it stains your clothing, but I don't know if that's true, either The Mens are super careful <snort> or I didn't notice the stains, or...

But at this writing still cannot find mangosteen...

Update: We found mangosteen at this stall in Wan Chai!


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  • CA

    I’ve never had snale fruit – what are they like? And yes, mangosteen season in this region is over as far as I remember. I think the peak season is July & August as that’s when I have seen more of them in the markets.

  • mun

    I don’t see mangosteens selling here too (is it mangosteen season now?). Hehehe, I hope the children in Rockstar’s class don’t get stains on their clothing.

    • Aileen

      Guess mangosteen must b out of season.. we finally managed to find some but quite small and the skin is not pretty…