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'101 Uses For Sleeping Babies" šŸ˜€

1) Mum Turns Baby Napping Positions Into Art. - -

I debated whether to link (2), with the language, the issue debate... Btw besides being for fairly interesting stuff, the Friday posts were meant for The Rockstars to someday see what had been "trending" during our time... Well it's a topic of hot discussion in some parts of the world today (not to mention I have openly gay friends and ex-colleagues and used to love the darlingĀ baby outfits this guy put together for me in one of the Jacadi stores), so......

2) Gay Men Threaten To Marry Your Girlfriends If You Don't Let Them Marry Each Other - "We're the shoulder your girlfriend cries on when she's complaining about - ahem - you." Wildly popular video by humor site CollegeHumor. Watch out, straight men - better cooks,Ā better dressers - sorry to break it to you but it's - ahem - true.

(Not that I advocate everything in the video - I'm for tolerance, not promiscuity...).

pic from

On an aside, I do get (polite, respectful) emails asking for eg when I occasionally used "he" in reference to Ms Rockstar's future partner - whether I was expressing a preference. Yes people doĀ really pick these up and ask sincerely, curiously. Which warrants a (similarly polite and respectful :)) reply.Ā Kings' "Gay-dar" however will always be better than mine becauseĀ one of his housemates out of college was gay.

Anyway, at bottom of link above is also a photo gallery of Political Bloopers - President Obama quipping "That's alright, you all know who I am," when the presidential seal falls off the podium, Vice President Joe Biden apparently falling asleep during one the President's speeches, and George Bush's 2005 visit to Beijing:

Where, after wrestling for a few moments with locked doors when he went the wrong way exiting the stage, he quipped, "I was trying to escape. Obviously it didn't work."


But what I really wanted to put here was this quote from the author of Why Romney Lost: "The key message I hope readers will understand: conservatism must modernize. Modernization is not an abandonment of the conservative message; modernization is the only way conservatism can survive."



Next up:

3)Ā 11 pets growing up with children.

Aww... And the beagle puppy's eyes are HUGE

4) Dogs who like architecture, here's a site for you.

I put this up just so I could say this was by Atelier Bow Wow.

(But I beg the question anyway - What for?)

5) I especially like this one though - 20 classroom portraits from around the world. (Haha and there's even an ad for IXL, the program Rockstar does his school math practice on, on the page...)

Class studying Classical Japanese - but are those Grade 5s studying it at night?

Possible title: "Where Children Learn." After the thought-provoking, eye-opening Where Children Sleep.

This one's cute - girls wear red, boys wear blue, and they're BYOD (bring your own dog).

Kindy in Taiwan during Art



6) Another arty farty class-project-y one: 16 year old does fruit-themed self-portraits.

Of course I picked the Starfruit one...

I dare someone to go write in and ask Y U No Post Durian One? And with that...........................

Happening siah

Have. A Good. Weekend!

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  • Mun

    You too! Have a good weekend! I like item 1 but for item 2 I cannot figure out the 2nd photo. What’s with the photo – is it supposed to mean something? Why is it used for item 2 apart from the guy in it is supposed to be gay, right? *puzzled*

    • Aileen

      It’s a picture still from the actual video which I linked to… couldn’t quickly find a video I could embed…