Friday “Se-tyle”

1) You have to have lived under a rock (that has no wifi reception) if you haven't come across "Gangnam Se-tyle", Most Watched Video in the history of Youtube and reason anti-Beibers everywhere have been spending even more time on the site. Oct 24th, 531 mio views. At press time, 851 mio views. The internet is here to stay, baby (and if you watch only one, make it Baby Gangnam embedded further below).

a) Original Gangnam Style:

I only thought to search out Gangnam Style tributes when a mum of a Year 4 at one of the private schools told me about Gangnam Envy because the dwarves in her son's recent school play got to do Gangnam Style.

b) US Naval Academy one:


c) And..... BABY GANGNAM STYLE!!! Featuring super hot LA mums and a couple game dads. Now that's a baby class:




After all that, it's like I have nothing else that can top it. No wait, I do. That's -

d) "Umma Gangnam": This guy's mum is sooooo cool with the moves and I hope someday Rockstar and I can be this cool. When we both grow up, I mean 😀


- - There's a whole list at Top 10 Gangnam Parodies. It was interesting quite a few parodies (like say the US Naval one) use the original Korean version (not dubbed into English). The world is getting smaller. Though Eton Gangnam is a rewrite in English - and if you go search it out can you please tell me whether that really is one of the professors playing the part of Red Car Guy in the video??. NOW it's hard to follow that. Let's try anyway. 2) Dear Photograph - a match of old photos to the same place today. Like so: "Dear Photograph, I’m so proud my boys childhood dreams were made of bravery, honor and valor. Fifteen years later, dreams really do come true. Nancy" But I really liked this one:

" Dear Photograph, My mother was 22 and studying at George Washington University in 1972 when she posed for the camera outside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC. Who would’ve known that forty years later, when I was 22, I would be a White House intern working in that very same building?......…It’s an odd feeling to be in a photograph with your mother when you’re both the same age. Arthur"



3) Following from my mentioning an ex big boss in the dealing room who prayed openly in thanks for favorable markets, 8 CEOs who talk to God. Those are some big companies.




And I usually end this with another nice pic, so Ms Rockstar's pitching in this Fri:

Hello Dere

That's her and her new first love - Mr Lobster the bath toy. I'm gonna run out of Christmas pressie ideas soon if I don't exercise a little self control.....!

Have a good one. Sliming Mr Lobster or whatever.


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  • mun

    May you and your family have a good weekend!

    Haha, Ms Rockstar has expensive tastebud – lobster meals are expensive!

    Is Rockstar into the Oppa Gangnam Style thingy?

    • Aileen

      Sorry for late reply, my disqus doesn’t seem to work on my cell so I can now only reply properly from my laptop…

      Rockstar quite likes the song, really loves the baby gangnam video, hates the navy one (really don’t know why, but he will leave the room if i watch the navy one!!) I’m hoping to teach him the dance but he’s still kinda reserved… probably inherited his dad’s inability to dance :D:D:D

      Haha lobster meals, i didn’t think of that