Rockstars’ Christmas Past

One would've thought after the late night Candle Light Service Christmas Eve Rockstar would've slept in, and one would've been wrong. This is him and JD early Christmas morning:

(yeah he assembles what he can of his own toys)

We ended up only going out at around 5.30pm on Christmas Day, because the baby was napping intermittently earlier in the day and woe betide anyone who tries to bring her out when she hasn't slept exceedingly well. I don't get it. Which part of "Hate Cars" do you not understand? <angry baby roar>

Her Highness in Jacadi puffer with detachable faux fur trim (for the kids'  coats I do normally buy branded for "quality assurance" because I myself am always cold and worry if market finds are warm enough... but I do love "disposable tees" in summer.)

Tried to stop a passerby to take a family pic for us, didn't work, what with Ms Rockstar turning about and Rockstar's "sian" face...

So we just turned the iPhone on ourselves and snapped umpteen photos, finally catching those two in halfway presentable expressions, like so:

And so:

We came to Stanley last year too, but much earlier, by now it's almost dark... We seek out The Boathouse again, because Rockstar wants the snails off the cold seafood platter:

Other kids go for Christmas pudding, candy canes, this guy goes for snails...

Giant snail, just like last year's "bragging rights" photo:

(But this year Rockstar said they didn't taste nice and didn't finish... he ended up with lobster and salmon gnocchi dinner)

Ms Rockstar has to be walked about (note dubious face again) though that led me to find this thing which seems to be art made of foil food wrappers, which we had to wait our turn to take pics with in the end:

And then we stop by the dog shop to get JD a lamb bone because we didn't bring her out here again (bit dirty for her to be lying on the floor in the pubs area, the kids' toys are on the floor at home and we hadn't managed to keep her totally off the play mat)...

(Blurry pic of festive-dressed mutt behind Dogaroo's ad for portraits with your pet because a certain little miss is starting to fuss...)

I think this one's funny:

And that was our non-eventful Christmas...

After Rockstar poses for one last pic

Phew barely made it this year...

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  • mun

    Rockstar can brag about eating snails again last Christmas (doesn’t matter that he did not finish eating them – dare to eat them is what counts).

    The foil wrapper display must be some kind of creative art recycle initiative I guess.

    Well, Rockstar seemed to have enjoyed himself last Christmas – looking at his happy face in the last photo. Happy New Year to you all again!

    • Aileen

      He enjoys anything to do with going out… sadly I don’t think he’ll be ordering snails next year… Was looking around for the sign that would explain what the foil thing was, but didn’t find it… As there were others made from things like plastic bottles (i think they used to be) i’m guessing you are right.

  • Susanna

    Blessed new year, Aileen! Hope you had a wonderful christmas too =)

    • Aileen

      Blessed Christmas and New Year’s to you too Susanna 🙂