Another Weekend In Photos

(Or, When Not Doing Anything Of Note Can Still Produce Blog Posts)

Our Saturday morning started like dis:

Dis is a punctured Nespresso capsule

Yes, hole in capsule was made by Ms Rockstar in a matter of seconds, when I passed her the capsule to hold. Way to show off two tiny little milk teeth stubs. Frantically wiped off every trace of coffee grounds on her face and freaked out that she wasn't going to be sleeping for the next few days. She found it totally hilarious - and shortly after, had her first >1 hour nap (90 minutes!) in days.

The Mens Do Babycare 

(We have vowed not to replace this broken down sofa that has lived through JD's puppy years and Rockstar's crazy baby/ toddler period til everyone in the family is old enough not to ruin the next kick-ass sofa I dream of getting, so help me God)

Guess who's holding the baby and who's assembling the baby toy. (Hey, you guys follow my blog at all, this shud be easy.)







Yup you guessed it.

Rockstar says it's like what he does in school Structured Play "except for the screwdrivers." I think he meant because they are supposed to build things following instructions they're given, "kind of like Lego, but with Duplo. Big pieces." Kings is happily holding the baby (only) because he's on a vegging out break in front of the tv...

The Rockstar And The Alan Key

(No, it's not for kids, it should be assembled by a grownup - probably the basis of its appeal to Rockstar - we did supervise the tightening of screws and wheels, but Rockstar read the assembly instructions by himself. He made me type that.)

Finished product..

Ms Rockstar's hard at work too...

 Especially after watching the Ko Ko assemble that for her...

And then that night we had a double date at a nearby sushi restaurant (where Rockstar discovers he also likes soft-shell crab):

Hurriedly snapped pic of Me and My Date (who nonetheless tries to show everyone what he's eating)

Other Couple sitting across from us (Kings' hand is there because she eventually keels to one side)

(Swung by Park n Shop before making our way to the restaurant, to pick up baby banana biscotti so she could eat with us - a good half the pack would end up on the table or floor - the restaurant didn't have enough baby bowls and spoons for her though they produced a high chair (meticulously cleaned the table top and chair, germ-freak that I am), so after she almost dropped her porcelain plate I ended up reaching over and popping biscuit bits in her mouth upon lowing request... She still does a low "Nngggggg...." sound like a little cow, when she wants something...)


And because of the marathon not-napping, Her Highness fusses towards the end of our meal, then cuts off mid-cry, fast asleep. NGGGGEEE-zzzzzzz. Post-catnap and happily finding she was now home, she was happy to do a little "modeling" before bath and bed:


Took those pics despite rushing to bathe and put her down for her nighttime sleep because I don't know if she'll be able to wear that dress/bubble for much longer, it was a gift from friends when she was born... I love the subtle pink-and-grey, somehow Ms Rockstar's personality doesn't strike me as one for loud colors... (She's also wearing cardigan from Jacadi (for newborn - 3 month old!), can't remember re tights but I got them b because of the little pink bird print; they were on sale at, as were the Portolano cashmere booties with suede "paw pads," almost the only "footwear" I've ever bought her cos we were gifted lotsa cool socks and booties and even a pair of tiny flip-flop style silver sandals....)

And then Sunday morning Kings found this on his Facebook:

Pic from According to William C. on the site, "The lines over the circles are color coded. notice the single red line and 3 blue lines representing "13" group together while the single green and 2 black lines take their own group. [Simply] draw your first group of lines in one direction then your second group of lines going over the first, count the groups of intersections and there's your answer."

Have you heard of this? We hadn't, and Kings was all intrigued and Cannot Be Cannot Be so then he tried it:


(For 15 x 15, drawing lines in the same way as the orig pic, you get:

1     10     25

1+1=2; 0+2=2; and then 5

so 15 x 15 = 225)

Haven't found one where this doesn't work... Quite cool right? (Yes we showed it briefly to Rockstar but he got a bit annoyed because we hadn't really explained any multiplication to him before, he got the lines but found multiplication without the lines "really hard" on his first try... Not wanting to turn him off Math, we left it...)

Then I felt bad because I don't walk JD over and above her regular 2 hours daily with our helper, so the circus went to the Peak - it's not always sunny and warm enough to go up there so I can walk the dog on the 2.8km trail...

JD sits in front as usual...

(Yes this pic was really taken today on the way there) We get there and I rush to set up so Rockstar can do......... this:

Guess what Rockstar's doing?

Crush 2 rusks....... check! 4 teaspoons squash........ check! 3 teaspoons sweet peas........... check! 30 ml breastmilk........... check!

Oh look at my elder child preparing a meal to feed his pet human

We've gotten to the point where if Rockstar's home, we're not allowed to prepare the baby's solid food meals, he wants to do everything. Wolfed my beef burger (endeavor to eat a bit of meat as I'm nursing, but otherwise I'm not a carnivore) and quickly took JD for her walk. Coming back and as I'm nearing the restaurant, I hear Ms Rockstar's cries and hurry in to find:

NOW what are they doing?

Kings is distracting her with Youtube

(To be precise, it's usually either Gangnam Style or Papa Penguin in German or whatever that language is on the multi-million views video - both Rockstars loved that vid as babies)

And that's all she wrote for our weekend, baby.

ps: I picked the Imagical toy from Bumps to Babes because it had the busy board I wanted, complete with finger labyrinth, and a bar for Ms Rockstar to support herself standing, under supervision (she's very keen to stand up all the time though she isn't crawling)... Considering it was HKD 800-something however, I wasn't very pleased with it - there was a sharp edge on the mirror, still a few wood splinters, one of the shapes on the shape sorter fits too tightly, AND a wheel keeps coming off. YES we checked that Rockstar had followed the assembly instructions correctly - but one side simply does not screw on properly. It still was the only thing with everything I'd been looking for, but for that price I expected better.

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  • Jessie Yap

    Ms Rockstar is so pretty and Rockstar is such a good brother – sounds like a good weekend for all 🙂

    • Aileen

      It was pretty good without doing anything special, just being a family together yes… Hope you enjoyed T and “Big T” last weekend too!

      • Jessie

        Yes – enjoyed the ‘long weekend’ Big T took 2 days off – we didn’t do much as well. Just go to church and grocery shopping. Thanks 🙂

  • mun

    Wow, what a fun weekend! Ms Rockstar gets a new toy and Rockstar gets to put it together. Well done Rockstar! – for reading the instructions yourself and assembling it successfully. 🙂 And JD gets her walk with you.

    Love those portrait pictures of Ms Rockstar smiling so happily.

    Ms Rockstar must love watching her brother preparing her food for her. What a superb brother!

    Did Ms Rockstar like the taste of the content of the coffee capsule? After that, is she banned from making coffee for you? ;p

    • Aileen

      Haha Rockstar shrugged. Some measure of Yes. Good Brother. Dis Is True. (He acknowledges modesty isn’t a strong trait of his :D)

      JD is getting competitive about attention, she even competes with the baby for Rockstar’s attention (something he pointed out too)… More than that she is crazy keen on baby and Rockstar food now, in her old age 😛

      She didn’t really react to the capsule other than to laugh, since she could sleep i suspect she didn’t actually taste any yet… Either that or she’s used to bitter tastes because I think her Mustella bubble bath tastes bitter too… No she still makes coffee, I’m just more careful to give her the capsule with the foil end away from her for the few seconds before she gets to put it in the machine…