Oops It’s Friday


1) There's pages and pages of this ok, and 132,000 likes... Here's some of my favorites, from Unintentionally Inappropriate Test Answers From Little Children:
Somehow I am strangely sure this is a girl

But there were some that I think are just brilliant; can they still get bonus points for creativity?

Quite awesome, right?
I don't care that this is wrong! Love this! (Unless this is by an 18 year old)
Erm... But come on, you laughed right?




Ok more oopses:

2) 30 unintentionally inappropriate domain names.

(And you have to look for it)

(Or, what happens when you mash words together and look for slurs and slangs.)



3) Terrifying examples of why you should always log out from Facebook.

I can't read some of it without flinching (which was probably also the point)...

"Dear Melissa???" "Love, Mom"??? And - WHY ARE THERE PEOPLE WHO LIKE THIS?!
Umm... At least they didn't take the iPhone? 
I would "like" this too! Though I really, really hate the c- word.
He IS awesome! Ok maybe not with the overshare...

Gotta remember therapy may cost more than ivy league - and it doesn't even look good on the cv...

(Oh speaking of which, you guys heard the going rate for a college application resume+ consultations is a minimum HKD 20,000? And urban not-so-legend, HKD 70,000 top price paid for a primary school portfolio for applications. And no, the family does not speak English..)


But seriously, since going to primary school we marvel at how much Rockstar's "grown" - the way he speaks, computer literacy, general ability to read etc all kinda abruptly took off and we weren't very prepared. I mean, we knew he was quite adept going in, but then he also improved by so much in the last few months in Pri school - now we find he's doing simple searches like the how to stop a baby crying one by himself (makes me remember one of the instructions when volunteering in school: Encourage Independence) I thought he mainly only knew to type "Disney Cars" and search Lego toys when he asked me couple months back "How do you open a new window?" on my iMac. Wow kids grow fast.

So on another level the Facebook bloopers are seriously scary, because we haven't had any conversations with him about fb, in fact I don't go on fb that much myself for a similar reason to exercising restraint on Twitter...

Anyway, more fun stuff:

4) Coolest (or well, weirdest) elevators around the world.

Dis is a fish tank.

Dis is a bathroom with a glass floor on top of an empty elevator shaft

Uh, noOOooo I don't know why. But here are more elevators.

Dis is an elevator.

And so's dis.

- - - 5) Ok, animal time:

Obviously, dis is a rabbit. Obviously.

Unbelievable pics of animals that aren't photoshopped.

Really meh?

(That is apparently a rare Chinese White Turtle. I thought it was a mouse stuck in a chicken carcass for the purposes of a photo op.)

Really meh?

(Believable when you follow the link and it says this is a tiny organism that eats moss)

No way.

- - - Have a good weekend....

The Rockstars communicating through telepathy (and body lang - they were actually not speaking to each other, in this pic)

ps: can barely type; baby's feeding and sleeping through the day has been totally unpredictable - I left (and returned and left again) Kosmo's 3 times this morning/lunch time alone, but at least she's stopped doing that at night. Just wants lotsa action in the daytime.


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  • mun

    May all of you have a good weekend too!

    I cannot see a rabbit in all those white fur. The cat wearing a pink wig is funny.

    So do the two Rockstars communicate using telepathy a lot? ;p

    • http://raisingrockstar.com Aileen

      No, or at least not yet… Rockstar just likes to make her laugh a lot, she likes to laugh at even his lamest efforts… And through it all, Rockstar usually does not like to be clutched at by her, so reading efforts are her perpetually trying to get closer and him perpetually scooting away, and they go all around the bed like that..