Rockstarism #245 – Dead Fish Smell

#245 Rockstar: Mum! My blue (fighting) fish died! Me: <cautiously, worried he might be upset> Um... Really? Rockstar: Yeah! Wow it stinks! Me: Um... Yeah... Rockstar: Come smell it! Come smell it! It stinks!  Me: <thinking At Least He's Not Upset> WHY would I want to smell your dead fish?! Rockstar: Because it stinks! It really stinks! Come! Smell! Me: No that's yucky. Rockstar: <like it took me so long to "get" it> Yes!! Co-ome! Me: No! Rockstar: Daddy! Kings (without looking up from laptop on desk way across the room from us): EEE! Smelleeee! Rockstar: See? Me (to Kings): Why didn't I think of that? (Kings gives zero indication he's heard) Me (to Rockstar): No eulogy? No last respects for the dead? It was a nice fish? Rockstar: <pause> <seriously> It really, really stinks.

Random weekend pic of the two "girls" vying for Rockstar's attention (JD's leaving balls for him to kick)

Ps: No, he didn't abuse it. Fought The Good Fight Fish lived a full life near the tv, sharing a large fish flake with the other two every day... Rockstar thinks it died of old age.  

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  • mun

    Haha, that is a smart answer by the father. Doesn’t enough have to smell it to know that dead fish stinks.

    Ms Rockstar looks happy to be sitting near her big brother! 🙂

    • mun

      I mean doesn’t even have to smell it.

      • Aileen

        My Disqus isn’t notifying me of comments..

        Yeah I should’ve done like he did!