The Day Before Saturday

1) Warning: If you watch this, you will want to take up surfing over the weekend. And may end up booking a flight to some place that has actual waves so you can do it.

2) Because really, 33 Textbook Fails. (Or weird things in textbooks).

Like so...
And so...
Oh yeah sure, Unicorn + Dragon = Rhino. Rockstar wants to know what happened to the wings.
WHAT is dis?! (Website simply says it was in a science textbook in China)
And dis?!

Makes this next (from a German dictionary) look tame.

Trouble is.....

Speaking of which.....




3) Lego Star Wars accused of racism.

Dis set is accused of being racist. Claim to fame: I saw this on sale here!

Can I re-tell a funny RM story? I once covered a group of Taiwanese RMs (responsible also for teaching me that the "@" symbol in Chinese is called a "little mouse") one of whom was a fairly senior guy:

RM: So... What race are you?

Me: Malaysian Chinese.

RM: Is that Chinese?

Me: Malaysian Chinese. I was born in Malaysia.

RM: Which means what?

Me: Uh.... That I'm.... Malaysian Chinese?

(Ordinarily I might also send a link about Straits Born/ Peranakans, but in this case...)

RM: <looking at my face seriously for awhile, then blurting out> I think someone in your family might have messed around because those really aren't pure Chinese features.

(No, this does not offend me, nor was it meant to offend. So anyway I tell my mum, whose reaction is "Oh yeah. That's right. <laughs>" My mum btw has also had some curiosity re her own features.)

OK next up:

4) 19 Texting Fails (not to be confused with autocorrects)

Like so...

And so...

But not so. This Fail was saved by her Dad

Things that make you go "Hhhhhmmmmmmmm......." <all warm and snuggly>





5) You might like to know there are other things you could do with a good book, besides read it. Sculptures made from books.

Dese are books. And a house of some sort.

You know, just if you happened to have an entire weekend of sitting around with a stack of books and carving tools handy and didn't plan on sleeping...

And things that make you go "HM?!"




So have a good weekend, people. You Are Awesome:

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  • mun

    Happy weekend to all of you! Urgh, I sure do not want to be the target of Ms Rockstar’s angry look – that is an angry look, right? – in her 2nd photo above?

    Good question. Ya, what happened to the wings? Rhinos are no where near as elegant as unicorns and dragons.

    • Aileen

      Haha no, she’s not angry… She’s just frowning at the phone with her image on it as I turn the camera on self pic mode.. Hope you’re having a good one