The Rest Of The Weekend In Pictures

Even Rockstar has learned to hand Little Miss the Nespresso capsule soft end first, so when she puts it to her mouth it's the harder end that gets chomped. But then.....

Sigh. And that's Rockstar's index finger sighing.

Yes Little Miss be hard core.

If I had an Instagram account, this would be my first picture:

Girls' Saturday Night Out speed walking in the wind

That was at the end of the evening that began with another date night, this time at Stanley Market and a sports bar nearby.

Isn't this a sweet couple?

Kings' fb friend already provided the best caption: Daddy's New Girlfriend.

And there they are in action

Wow does Kings look smug proud.

But as the night wears on...

Somehow you know these two are no longer on their first date.

Secret Single Behavior captured on camera

Ms Rockstar is starting to shove really big chunks of finger foods into her mouth. Not good, she still only has two teeth, despite best efforts to gum everything down. One of these incidences, when happening with a particular large morsel (or once, Rockstar's plastic spinning top), will result in an eventual gag to spit the offending too big article back out.

Rockstar and I ventured into the market at closing time, just for a quick look see...

Rockstar gamboling about - he scored imitation Ninjago but was super bothered by the misprinted pieces

Then we tried to get some grocery shopping done. Little Miss gets bored of her fare quite easily, so I'm always looking out for some other new jar of baby food to offer her - but I still limit fruit/ juice intake (per ped's instructions but I would've done it regardless), so I don't have a lotta options...

American goods supermarket next to art gallery

Can't believe I didn't notice this before...

And then over to Dogaroo to get JD some consolation bones because we decided not to bring her to Stanley much as we can help it - we tend to eat at the bars/outdoor restaurants nearby, which necessitates her settling on the relatively dirtier floor, and both kids have started to pet her more, recently.

This whole nice and mostly sold out counter.....
Is all about the dog treats.

We're still trying to figure out our church timing, so last week we attended an 11.30 am service, Ms Rockstar was fast asleep that time today so we aimed for the 5pm. But realized there's no children's service then at IslandECC, not to mention we were horribly late (food at restaurant arrived super duper late and the order was wrong).....

Food critic

(Little Miss however does a mean food critique...)

Well JD got a good long walk up at the Peak, and then also a good grooming.

And the service hasn't been quite up to mark recently, but boy, can they decorate a mean restaurant:

Isn't this just gorgeous

And that's our weekend.

ps: We've got a Chinese New Year Tree too, but that's a whole other post.

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  • mun

    Wow, that’s a huge piece of food in Ms Rockstar’s mouth. Did she spit it out in the end?

    • Aileen

      That particular rice cake-flavored with tomato and carrot juice yes, but she eats big bites of baby biscuit… Kinda negates me holding back on Gerber puffs (and I really don’t understand what’s with baby biscuits and the younger baby age limits but then they break off into these huge chunks and the puffs would dissolve nicely), but I’ve already exercised restraint this long; the benchmark for whether she’s ready for those appears to be when she can crawl with her tummy off the floor, and since she can’t yet (got the position alright, but can’t lift belly off floor), I’m still holding out…