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Guest Blogger reviewing baby product

Hello again, everyone.

Today's segment is a public service message to Parents of Older Babies. I think it's important to clear up possible misconceptions about some of the baby products out there.

1) First up: Baby Knee Pads

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Apparently, this is considered a bad product because according to some bloggers, you can just stick a baby in long pants. I believe this idea may have originated from.... A Daddy. 

This blogger feels it is very disturbing, the number of people out there who don't understand the concept of fashion. 

And I suppose you think this is very practical?

(Pic from

And don't even get me started on this.

(Pic from

Don't get me wrong, sometimes long pants really are fine. But only if they suit the look an Older Baby is going for. Knee pads can be just fabulous, when matched with flouncy skirts/ bubbles/ fabric diaper covers. They open up a whole new world of options for the Older Baby to express himself/herself.

So Daddies: Don't mess with our knee pads, we won't mess with your Victorias Secret bejeweled bras.

2) Next Up: The Baby Foot Finder.

Pic from

Now, I am very proud of my Feet. I can understand the wish to dress them up. I'm not above a good warm bootie or pretty socks, however I'm not so sure about attaching brightly-colored creepy crawlies to them. My Ko-ko was rather disappointed the bugs didn't even look very real, and I value his opinion.

Personally, I enjoy and would recommend a good This Little Piggy. Each little Toe gets some love:

Guest Blogger demonstrating enjoyment of This Little Piggy

When your Mummee is done with This Little Piggy, an Older Baby might even feel she is now better acquainted with each and every Toe. This incredible little ditty has something interesting and different to say about each Toe, ensuring each one feels special.

Foot Finders I feel, on the other hand, beg the question:

Is there a rash of Older Babies misplacing their Feet, that we are unaware of?

3) Zaky Hands

pic from

For some reason, this product shows up on lists of worst products for babies quite often. This might be because none of these bloggers asked an Older Baby their opinion.

Misconception: It's creepy.

Guest Blogger acting out "creepy"

This however is misleading. I'm just a good actress (the above is btw also an effective face for getting Mummee to pick me up when I've decided I will not be having any Naps - Older Babies take note, this is important because for some reason no matter how many times you repeat your position on Naps, people don't seem to really get it til you scream).

Hah! Gotcha!

Because really -

What Zaky handszzzzz?

Older Babies may pick up these bean-filled hands for a good chew. Mummies who think this is a bad product, remember: Better Zaky's than yours.  

And with that, my work here is done. Signing off til next time, this has been:

The Little Miss Rockstar

(Because I Know Stuff)

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  • mun

    Haha, love the gotcha photo – Ms Rockstar looks so cheeky there.

    Can Ms Rockstar please do a demo of the knee pads?

    • Aileen

      She has to learn to crawl first! Right now it’s more like a little log rolling about rapidly 😛

      • mun

        Soon, she will be crawling so fast that you will be running after her. 🙂