What, It’s Friday Already?

1) PEOPLE's favorite furry finalists from Westminster. Love the black and white, but what's more interesting is some of the names these dogs have.

Would you believe this one's Frayedknot Spike?

The winner is an Affenpinscher called Banana Joe. I meant dog show, he won the dog show, not the name game. He speaks German, Dutch, Spanish and English. I thought you should know, because I thought they all speak Dog.

Actually I'm not even sure that's a dog but I'll take their word for it.

It's a big dog show, they must have ways of making sure it's a dog.



But really, if you can't dis evolution you can make up crazy names...

2) Or, you could just dis evolution.

Here the pic

Here the dis:

"Evolution accidentally dropped this leaf-nosed bat on the floor but was too embarrassed to say anything so just pretended it was actually supposed to look like that."


Here the pic

Here the dis:

“You know that elephant seal I made? The one with the awesome floppy nose?”

“Yes, evolution, that was a pretty good nose.”

“And you know how it kept getting parasites up inside it?”

“I heard that was an issue.”

“I fixed it.”

“You fixed it? What did you do, give the elephant seal more protective mucus? A better immune system? Stronger nose hairs?”

“Nope! That all seemed too hard. I just made a nose-picking bird.”

“A nose-picking bird.”

“Works great!”



3) Ok what's dis?

Your kid draws something and they make it into a real thing

Crayon Creatures!

4) Strangely, this one's real:

Rockstar and I have a disagreement as to where the head is. 

22 weird and beautiful caterpillars. Rockstar's pick (paisay, did I put this up before, why does that caterpillar look so familiar?). In fact I asked him to make a summary of his favorite Youtube recommendations so I could post for the hols but he's procrastinating. (Since it's because he just spent his CNY lai see on Star Wars Lego it's gonna be awhile longer....)



5) Top marriage research findings of 2012. I didn't get the one that says divorce risk decreases 20% if the husband is close to his inlaws, but increases 20% if the wife is close to her inlaws. 

6) The public shaming of Chrissie. Best Aussie Blog 2012 Eden Riley's post. Caught my attention that her son Max, 11, was horrified Chrissie Swan smoked while pregnant, and then Eden told him she did too, and his reaction was

"Geez, mum. Lucky I don't have asthma." (I thought that was kinda cute and smart).

But what I wanted to say, as someone who has never even taken an experimental puff, is that there are people who are sorry they smoked/ did drugs/ whatever while pregnant, there are people who are sorry they got caught, and there are people who don't get to be all judgmental because how come we hammer people who smoke while pregnant and yet allow countless people who tiger parent in the extreme to mess with their children's heads, possibly to greater detriment of the child, to get away with it scott-free in the name of getting good grades/ instilling discipline/ family tradition/ whatever (EXTREME, I said). Ok, just maybe judgmental over the ones only sorry they got caught. (Like, do you have to have the kids right now?)

Think that pretty much covered everyone.

In Eden's blog post she talked about guiltily rationing herself to a furtive cigarette a day while she was carrying Max. I read it and remembered the time I'd read Max wanted as a treat for him and his friends to sling pies at each other so she made him some. It would not even have occurred to me to do that.

There are just too many grey areas and things that make up a good parent, and focussing on just one thing is not seeing the whole picture (great shades of investment products here sorry). In fact I think it distracts from other "parenting bads" because people are such sheep.

Does a parent who has struggled with addiction all her life and has pretty much cleaned up now (except for the odd cigarette) love her child less than a parent who withholds love to the point of being almost cruel in order to manipulate a child to achieve?

Which child is more likely to grow up dysfunctional, the one with the asthma or the one with the string of As? (This not a witch hunt, I only ask to highlight what I thought was a large imbalance in the way some societies viewed certain parenting no-nos and not others, that I wanted to point out. Kinda like the debate they have in the States about mandatory minimums - there are much tougher fines/ jail terms for possession of certain narcotics and not others and some even argued legislation was influenced by which races (white/ black for e.g.) used which drugs.)

Besides, I might be squeaky clean and relatively disciplined anal about my own (non)smoking/ over-drinking/ whatever but I've come across Self Righteous Pharmacist. And I know a couple mums who once complained to a school principal about their child's teacher smelling of cigarettes though he'd never let the kids see him smoke. One is a good friend of mine who also reads this blog 😀 She's smoked recreationally before. I have not. We can talk about these things and why we feel the way we do. I'm friends with people who sincerely believe in what they say (and are open to debate).

(And no, I don't like people to smoke around my kids or me.)

Ok random pic of this kids time:

The Memsahib would not sleep all morning because then the Memsahib's servants would be off to spend Lego money or attend music class and so the Memsahib settled on a bath with constantly running shower whereby one servant would hold the shower poised over the Memsahib while the other would constantly scoop out the excess water.

And so finally the Memsahib is asleep.

Have a good weekend...

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  • Jessie Yap

    To me, her smoking is really none of my business although I don’t like smoking myself and thinks that pregnant ladies shouldn’t be puffing, but understand that quitting is really hard.
    But I think in her case, it is done so much so for publicity as well – her óuting’ in this case. she also hosts a show called ‘Can of Worms’ here and it is a talk show on what’s your opinions in regards to certain sensational current issues. What disgusts me was, very very soon after her confession, she hosts the show with the topic ‘Should pregnant woman smokes’ Goes figure….

    • http://raisingrockstar.com Aileen

      Thank you for that. I didn’t know she did a show soon after her confession and it disgusts me to.

      • Jessie Yap

        Sorry Aileen I must clarify: It’s Can of Worms Episode with a Segment: Is it ok to lie to your loved one? But it just seem to me like it’s milking the whole pregnancy mum smoking ordeal. Cause she was not telling her partner that she is smoking.
        So, I’m still disgusted over her whole experience about ‘çoming out’.

      • Jessie Yap

        Also, she was invited to another talk show ‘The Project’ to talk about it. And all week the TV station keep portraying her crying confession…

      • http://raisingrockstar.com Aileen

        Did she get any backlash at all for appearing to milk the situation? Could it be seen in any small part as simply defiance to haters who judged her for the cigarette? I’m curious how that played out because in HK people are just super cynical and will always look for a “milking” or “opportunism” angle – i.e. someone is probably going to hammer her even worse for that than any cigarette, quite quickly…

      • Jessie Yap

        From what I read, the viewing of that particular episode dropped for ‘The Project’, so to some degree the viewers do not like it that she apparently milking the situation. But after that the whole issue dropped out of radar.
        Here, it is quite normal to have a big commotion but the issue will drop quickly. That seem to be the norm.

      • http://raisingrockstar.com Aileen

        i c… and yes later on when i searched older comment threads on Aussie blogs i could see there were others who commented that they felt the outing was for publicity

  • mun

    Ooooooo, just look at the little Miss very happy face in the bubble bath and forever running shower. Can really see that she is happy, smiling away. Rockstar is such a good brother – how long did he hold the shower head like that?

    About the being close to in-laws and divorce rate – the full article explained it fully – can see the logic in it.

    Enjoy your weekend! JD gets her long walk. Miss Rockstar gets more bubble baths? 😀

    • http://raisingrockstar.com Aileen

      Rockstar’ll hold the shower as long as we need him to, he doesn’t complain much about having to do things for her (I don’t know how I got that lucky), though he complains a LOT about crying or shirt pulling. Still, he finds the varied gabbling hilarious.

      Wow you actually went thru the whole 26 year thing – I should too, and thanks for that.

      No idea what else we’re doing yet, but our development lion dance is tomorrow, if not too crowded we’re gonna try and catch that. Rockstar already had a school one, though…