Friday Facts And Fiction

Believe it or not, dis is not photoshopped

1) Wanna find out how they did it? Read Raccoon Photo's comments in Flickr. - - -

Dis is a corn husk dress from Project Runway's Dress From $50 At Grocery Store challenge

2) 10 Best/Worst Reality TV Fashion Challenges. (Pic from



3) My favorite this week:

"After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I've decided that I'd like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding - I was fired today. .......You are doing amazing things at Groupon, and you deserve the outside world to give you a second chance. I'm getting in the way of that."

Arguably the most respectable memo from a canned CEO ever. If there was ever a better way for Andrew Mason, former Groupon CEO to make people feel a little NOOOO GET HIM BACK!!

Or, Someone Get The Cat Off His Head. pic from

- - 4) Contrast that with Michael Moynihan's Our Insincere, Pointless Cult Of Apology. He did not mention Lance Armstrong, so I'm not sure what this is really about (like, how can you write an article about this without mentioning the guy), except there's something about another journalist. But there, the words Insincere and Pointless. - - - On another note,

5) The Daily Beast's (reader-nominated) 25 Most Overlooked Colleges. Thought some of the efforts were interesting and unusual.

6) Because college money is always well spent - Spiderman's web really could stop a car. 3 UK physicists researched the Darwin's Bark Spider based on the proportions in the Spiderman 2 movie. I mention because Rockstar wants to know how much of these movies can be real.

Dat is not a car Toby Maguire is stopping. See? College education... (pic from

(The radioactive spider in Spiderman, Tony Stark's inventing genius in Iron Man, Superman's super powers, the aliens and Jedi in Star Wars... Once, it was the real purpose of Captain America (did you guys know he was at some of his most popular at wartimes? For obvious reasons, but it's a good illustration and some interesting conversations with kids, how current conditions in society (fact) create certain kinds of fiction...)

7) Speaking of which, 11 health dilemmas and experts' suggestions. Not just your average olive-oil-is-a-good-fat article, this one addresses questions like "If your only choice of protein is also high in saturated fats, do you eat it, skip it, eat a bit?" and "If you had a late night, do you catch up on sleep or push on with your early morning workout?" (Oh, and almonds are mentioned in several answers - totally recommend!) AND "Should you Google your symptoms?"

Darn I don't have enough pictures. Ok here goes:


Fact: The water baby finding endless pleasure with Shower and Bath. I'm still surprised she wasn't born with actual gills.

Good weekend...

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  • mun

    Glad to read that no raccoon was hurt by the stone. The corn husk dress must be not very comfortable to wear.

    I love the first photo of Miss Rockstar. Just look at the expression on her face! So delighted to be playing with the mini water fountain.

    Have a good weekend!

    • Aileen

      Yeah, re raccoon – such a simple but effective trick hor? Ms Rockstar has a well baby checkup tomorrow btw, hope the ped doesn’t complain she’s drinking too much tap water when she keeps trying to taste the shower – I’ve been told by the clinic to make sure she’s not drinking too much or she’ll have diarrhea, the tap water is really not clean… Also, Rockstar has a dentists appt and school field trip… another bz week ahead…

      And hope your weekend’s been good…