The Friday Of Not Quite As It Would Seem



1) Scroll down the link for 13 Animals Who Are Secretly Batman.

Can't imagine why these two don't look happy.

Can’t imagine why these two don’t look happy.

Though Batpug, Yodapug, Evil Joker Cat aren’t that new…

2) This one’s my real favorite but I didn’t have a good pic: 163 million monthly unique visitors to their websites. Apps downloaded 106 million times. No, it’s not the stock market or even The Kardashians. The Weather Channel’s Bid At World Domination. And get this – they even get to name storms. Like Saturn. Nemo. Gandalf.

Rockstar’s jealous. Our older offspring got the naming bug (or gene) from Kings. As in, an earlier forex currency-credit-commodity hybrid structured note was once named the “Power Note.” (Power Rangers? I’ve Got The Power by Snap? Who cares, this is why naming our children was multiple choice provided by me, not say, an open-ended. Otherwise Rockstar would be Trout Fishing In America (real name – he apparently now teaches English in Japan) or, more likely, God Of Gamblers III.

It’s the III that makes it art. Or therapy-worthy.)

Speaking of which, you guys seen this weather book sold in park n shop? Seriously very useful.

Speaking of which, you guys seen this weather book sold in park n shop? Seriously very useful.

This the cover

This the cover

3) Not for the faint-hearted… 10 medical tools you’ll be glad no longer exist. Like this “Blood-letting Fleam”:

Dis is a fleam.

Dis is a fleam.

Here’s the explanation:

“To use a fleam, the triangle blade would be pressed into the vein, allowing excess blood to drain out of the body until healthful sanguinity had been restored. By the time this particular fleam was made, bloodletting as a cure-all to balance a person’s “humors” was starting to fall out of fashion. Possibly because it kept killing everyone it was done to.”

Like, bloody taxi driver tried to overcharge again. Fleam him.

4) Or, you could do a little passive-aggressive wifi naming:


(pic from here)

5) Rockstar says I have to put this up, from 11 funniest fish pictures on the web:


You’re invited to caption the fish faces. Rockstar’s for this one was:

“Hee Hee Hee. I’m not a real fish.”

6) Speaking of which:

Feeding time in the Rockstar household

Feeding time in the Rockstar household!

photo-1151  photo-1153

(Oops that looks like Rockstar’s pulling on her nose – he’s actually feeding her a bit of cheese. When he’s around he gets first dibs on feeding her finger food… I shudder at the thought of if/when he starts insisting on trying to feed her with a spoon too… It will be a god-awful mess of gigantic proportions…)


And that’s him perusing the new feeding instructions for his little pet human (I know I say this a lot, but in truth he’s followed ultrasounds as the baby grew inside me, we’ve been communicating it as a huge science project-cum-responsibility-type thing for awhile) before “preparing” her lunch – she had her 9 month well-baby checkup last Tuesday and has graduated to having meat (pork and beef recommended over chicken), tofu, whole egg and cheese in her diet. The only one she’s happy about is the cheese.

photo-1148 photo-1152

So we enlisted Rockstar’s help (hah! like he’d let us fix her meals without her when he’s home anyways) to mix Cod fish and carrots, beef pasta, breast milk and rice cereal, all while Her Highness looked on – it’s currently the best way to get her to eat.

That meal he’s preparing with the new feeding instructions is the only one she’s completely finished with a spoon. He would like me to type that.

“Ko-ko Makes It, I Must Try”.

Serious – Rockstar has a big little fan, the other day I scolded him for spilling an entire would-be ice lolly he was making from fresh-squeezed orange juice onto my silk ottoman and she lowed at me disapprovingly before refusing to eat – obviously he’s thrilled he’s got someone squarely in his corner from now on…

Have a good one…

ps: Yeah barely made it; it’s been another busy week – baby checkup, my determination to at least let Rockstar have a serious attempt at the online world education games as recommended by the school (though we only really had time to finish the science one; did half of the prerequisite 50 Math games and then it closed before we could finish, but Rockstar was quite satisfied with what he considered a respectable score in science, which did improve his reading somewhat as well), a 3-day school week and big Kadoorie field trip (Kadoorie is like the nature/ animals field trip in HK), AND Rockstar’s first ever dentist visit (free public dental care in HK!) this afternoon…

Kings is mostly working this weekend again – and Little Miss is also working on her next post so there’s a lot more post content coming up when Memsahib’s servants can get round to it…

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  • mun

    So nice to see Rockstar so involved in the caring of the little Miss. No wonder Miss Rockstar loves her kor kor so much. :)

    Have a good weekend!

    • Aileen

      Same same… I think they play off each other, if it had gone the other way it would’ve been quite a downward spiral… Both can be quite stubborn if you meet them head on…