The Pope Might Wear Prada And Other Friday Happenings

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1) Will the new Pope wear Prada?

Will Pope Francis, like his predecessor, opt for the Prada red papal loafers? From’s men of the week, I found this via my regular Daily Beast kay-pohing, please Lord, let it not turn out to be some horrendously politically incorrect thing off that font of all knowledge, Women’s Wear Daily (for that I have others below :D)

(For real though, I didn’t know they had Prada, did you? But you could check out SPACE, the Prada warehouse in Ap Lei Chau – have had well-dressed male ex-colleagues looking for bargains there for ages, their shoes are brilliant if you can find your size. And any interests in previous men of the week, who range from Chuck Hagel to Lance Armstrong to Jimmy Fallon <swoon!> link above please)

pic from because I couldn't find one of them in the kitchen with the post its. We are supposed to take Victoria Beckham's word for it they are there.

pic from because I couldn’t find one of them in the kitchen with the post its. Guess we are supposed to take Victoria Beckham’s word for it they are there.

2) Did you know The Beckhams have Math times tables post-its on their fridge and math quizzes at breakfast? Well, you’re welcome. A friend who’s been heading credit derivatives structuring remarked school timings were “just excellent” when she could walk her eldest to the bus stop and wait with him each morning before starting her day. You know you’ve “made it” when you can still be there for school run and when the kids come back from school, or some derivative of that, around a lucrative and enjoyable career. At least that’s my idea of “made it”…

The Bachelor cast pic from

The Bachelor cast pic from

3) You guys watch The Bachelor? I mostly don’t; but in the back of my mind, there’s a perception best illustrated by the comment from the show’s creator: the average Bachelor sleeps with 3 contestants. So Why Did ‘The Bachelor’ Hide (recent Bachelor) Sean Lowe’s Born Again Virginity caught my attention. Not the why (d-uh, sex sells, even Shakespeare did that – how sexy and unpolitically correct is Hamlet?), the fact given the show’s reputation they picked a relatively religious Bachelor and the girls short listed were also more religious than usual, bringing Bibles in to the Bachelor Mansion. Said Bachelor would go on to famously abstain throughout the contest and apparently continues to wait for marriage even now.

Readers who have followed my blog for some time will know I was an advocate of abstinence before marriage even before I became Christian; I left the post on, but after the blog grew so much I decided not to link it up here again – you can find it if you really want by running a search.

Btw that post drew some very personal emails, especially from 20-somethings both male and female, ranging from how their feeling pressure socially to freaking out that they’d “spoiled” themselves for marriage (my chief reason for abstinence – I wrote how forever and ever is a long time to stay turned on by one person, and would be hard enough without further affecting your enjoyment in a marriage by sleeping around today, especially if Mr/Ms Right And Marriage-Worthy was less good in bed than Mr/Ms Wrong)… Yes I could’ve expanded the discussion but well people write emails rather than post comments for a reason. And I encourage it in the spirit of finding a lesson anywhere I can get one as I learn to parent my own kids, so email away if that’s what inspires you to be more forthcoming…

4) Regular readers will be aware I occasionally feel the need to challenge myself by finding ways of mentioning the word “penis” without sending the kids into therapy someday:

Benjamin Blouin of Florida State University Panama City wanted to make a point about non-password-protected wifi at his school. So he rerouted all traffic to a video of an acrobatic penis. <bows> I did not check out the video (well, d-uh) but guess what? You now need a password to access Florida State University Panama City wifi.

And no, you don’t get a picture.

5) See now, I’m for the kid in (4) because while I think he could’ve picked something less terrifying to link to, I suppose he chose that to further illustrate his point. This next however: Teenaged girls drug parents to get around internet curfew ……….

Should freaking throw the book at them. It says their parents only drank about a quarter of the milkshake and it knocked them out for hours and caused hangover-like symptoms. How much did they put in and did they even care about an appropriate dosage?? 

pic from

Real Scary Stuff, This. pic from

6) From milk shakes to soda – drinkers, beware. Not good for you, even without the teenaged girls in the house. Myths and truths about sodas. It’s here (though I almost never drink soda) because my parents gave me a lecture about hurting my teeth when they saw me drinking fizzy water during pregnancy (craving). If you actually made it up to here without falling asleep (:D) there is a link between certain flavoring agents (more so in dark colas) upping the acidity in your blood necessitating your body leeching out some calcium to neutralize it. Now you’re asleep! Short of the long is my parents might still be right so life sucks.

7) Worst foods for teeth. I clicked on this one because of the picture of apricots and sure enough dried fruit made the list. All you feeders of children with dried mango out there who thought you were all virtuous and overall better people (vague reference to Scott Pilgrim vs The World’s evil exes of Ramona Flowers when Vegan Ex has special powers because he is Vegan until he is defeated by a regular (un-vegan) latte – love this Canadian movie!!!).

8) Teaser pic for The Little Miss Rockstar’s next post…. eventually. <sheepish> (But can you guess what it’s gonna be about?)


And The Rockstars’ Have A Good Weekend pic (isn’t it nice when you have a blog and can make these up as you go):

(Just found it a little funny, the two of them sitting side by side doing their own thing... And I think Kings has since hidden that xylophone wand because he was worried she'd poke herself with it because I haven't been able to find it since....)

(Just found it a little funny, the two of them sitting side by side doing their own thing… And I think Kings has since hidden that xylophone wand because he was worried she’d poke herself with it – I haven’t been able to find it since….)


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  • Mei

    My guess: You’re reading me a book about an egg that got itself broken?! I’m sorry but what’s the *morale* of the story again? If life gives you freshly broken eggs, make scrambled eggs out if it??? Happy weekend! :)

    • Aileen

      Thanks much… That Thing you said about Eggs sounds awesome! I’m still curious about eggs because I’ve only just started having them. They are strange chewy and powdery at the same time Things.

      Oh, and Mummee owes me a login, not just Ko-ko.

  • mun

    “How to read nursery rhymes” by Miss Rockstar? Guess I have to wait for Miss Rockstar’s next guest post to find out. :)

    Have a good weekend!

    • Aileen

      Thanks and hope yours was good. Wah I didn’t manage to write much of hers yet, really hope I don’t fall short ok, she really raises the bar 😛