Rockstarism #251 – Why The Good Guys Always Win

#251 While playing with his toys.... Rockstar: Let's go outside and have a fight. (Exits bedroom with newly acquired Lego Sith Troopers.) Shortly after, coming back in... Rockstar: Fight's over. D'you know who won the battle? Me: Who? Rockstar: The good guys won. D'you know how they won? Me: How?

Rockstar: One Sith Trooper said to the other "Lets have a plan to get the good guys". And then the good guys came with their lightsabers and got them while they talking. <Peers at my note on iPhone> There is no space in "lightsabers".

Rockstar: This is how talking and not listening gets you in trouble. And then the Captain of the Sith Troopers tried to make the other two Sith Troopers get up. And then because he was too busy talking to the Troopers Obi-Wan and Gui Gon-Jin came and got him too.

Me: I suppose you mean talking when he was supposed to be paying attention. You think the good guys weren't talking at the time? Rockstar: Yeah (they weren't) cos they really, really wanted to get the bad guys.  Another fight on different day.... Rockstar: Fight's over. The good guys won again.  Me: Oh, why's that? They were being good? Rockstar: The good guys always win anyway. <shrugs> Me: Good always triumphs over evil? Rockstar: No, the good guys have more things. Me: ?? What d'you mean, like, stuff? Good guys win because they have more stuff??

Rockstar: Yeah. <points to his Lego> Good guys'. Good guys'. Good guys'. Good guys'. They don't sell a lot of bad guys' stuff. <shrugs>

  Anyway. Random pics of what we did this afternoon:
Church easter egg hunt on the Peak!

Church easter egg hunt on the Peak!

Ah, there she is

Ah, there she is (note festive pink chick leggings for the occasion)

And Rockstar having redeemed his eggs for an Angry Birds goodie bag!

And Rockstar having redeemed his eggs for an Angry Birds goodie bag!

(Angry Birds, Eggs, geddit? :D) ps: We were only in and out for the Easter Egg Hunt though; Little Miss is down with her first runny nose...

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  • mun

    May Miss Rockstar get well soon. She looks sleepy in the 2nd photo. Must be the runny nose getting to her – not fun at all having a runny nose.

    • Aileen

      Yes indeed… partly also I think because of the sun… She didn’t complain much about being up there that day though, but I think partly because there were so many other kids for her to observe…