Somewhere Over The Rainbow House Are Dog Philosophers Friday

Botlhe - Maun Botswana (I picked this one because I love her pigtails and her smile)

Botlhe – Maun Botswana (I picked this one because I love her pigtails and her smile)

1) Children from around the world and their toys.

There are a couple in there photographed with guitars – and they both have like, 3 different kinds. Wonder what that’s about, why not also a saxophone or a flute…

2) Rockstar’s loving this vid:

Because those are the same stacking cups he uses to “train” the baby. Tiger Brother now has a new goal! How scared should I be?

3) Dog Memes from

Their title says Really High Dogs but I'm thinking Dog Philosophers.

Their title says Really High Dogs but I’m thinking Dog Philosophers.


4) In case you ever needed inspiration in giving up those whipped cream beverages. What’s in that Shamrock Shake from Mc Donald’s. If you ever want to drink another one in peace, don’t read it.

Pic from

Pic from

This is why I didn’t put the diagram from the article up. Or you could look at it another way: Swap a Shamrock Shake for a standard-ish burger, 2 small fries and 4 biscuits and still feel virtuous because you are still markedly ahead on the calorie count.

5) Jobs by well-being: Who’s got the best job in terms of physical, emotional and fiscal health (survey in the States). Time to reach for that Shamrock Shake. Death by JunkFood….. (On an aside, I always thought NYDC stood for Now You’ll Die Contented because they had an old desert called Death By Chocolate… It stands for New York Desert Cafe <disappointed>)

pic from

pic from

6) Somewhere Over The Rainbow House – guy buys house in Topeka, Kansas, across from Westboro Baptist (the church that does things like picket funerals saying God Hates Fags) and paints it rainbow colors in a gay pride move.

So…. it’s a house. It’s being painted rainbow colors. The real reason I linked it is because of some of the comments in response to the article. Stuff I hadn’t thought about…

7) Loving this one:

pic from

also from

8) And this is Rockstar stuffing feeding the baby with bits of bread…

IMG_8138 IMG_8139 IMG_8141    IMG_8142

(This is news because she doesn’t even like bread very much, she just likes the brother…)

See? (Note her delighted expression)

See? (Note delighted expression)

Obviously this is to be exploited at feeding time, and for as long as they are like that, So Help Me God… I’m so gonna miss this when they start fighting over the bathroom and car.

Rockstar was a bit sick for a day or two because he insisted on still climbing in the bath with her despite her stuffed up nose (which still won’t clear completely – partly because as usual I under-medicate in favor of steam baths but Wow do I want to cave right now). 

I gotta say – for a child who is anal enough to actually follow when I say keep away from the coughers in Canton music class when you’re all crowded round the piano (the one thing I hate about that class is some of the kids can be really sick as in cough til they retch and will still show up), touch your face with your fingers as little as possible, bla bla bla because he doesn’t want to be sick which will cut his play and Youtube time, to still insist on getting in the steam bath with Little Miss when she’s all snotty, after being told he’s probably gonna get sick – this must be a little love. Right back at ya, Little bread-eating Miss.

That, or he really wants a trained Sea Otter. And it’s all part of her plan for world domination.

Have a good weekend dears.

ps: Rockstar…. is home from school early and for the Easter hols! And there the baby is still snuffly and Kings is traveling every few days. This is where the blog goes into ICU.

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  • Aileen

    Thanks dear, I’m not even sure it’s the same bug anymore, we just keep passing a (touch wood) mild version about every few days…

    Kings came back from his last biz trip in China in bad shape, after the consumption of some Chinese alcoholic beverage in large quantities that makes you throw up violently 5-6 times in a night. He threw up until the capillaries in his eyes popped and there’s blood at the bottom of his eyeballs… Never seen that before…

  • mun

    Opps, just realise Easter weekend is next weekend. So just have a happy weekend!

  • mun

    Happy Easter weekend! Love the bond between siblings shown in the photos above.

    May all of you have a good rest over the weekend and shoo shoo the runny nose away.