Rockstarism #253 – Black and white POTUSes


Watching the clinic shootout and car chase scene in Transporter 2 (because Kings was actually watching Judge Dredd which is wayy more violent when Rockstar gamboled over with a bowl of fruit before bedtime)...

Rockstar: What's going on, Mum?

Me: These are really bad guys who want to infect the little boy with a deadly virus so when he goes back to his dad he'll also get the virus which'll eventually kill him -

Rockstar: What's the virus like, how do you get sick?

Me: Umm.... Flu-like symptoms? (Rockstar nods. This is "acceptable". You can die of flu.) So anyway that's how they plan to get around the Secret Service policemen protecting him and assassinate the President. (Well he's actually a high-ranking government anti-drug official but I'm patting myself on the back for dodging that bullet because then Rockstar's next question would've been What Are Drugs?)

Rockstar: Obama?

Me: Obama's the real President of The United States (POTUS), this movie is fiction.

On tv, Jason Statham flies his Audi off the top of one carpark lot, neatly sliding it into one of the floors of another lot across the street from the first in what has to be the most unbelievable car chase scene ever.

Rockstar: <authoritatively> That is so not real! 

Me: Yeah! How ridiculous -

Rockstar: The real POTUS is black! 

Me: <feebly> Uh, this movie was made when the real POTUS was white... (Then I realize Denzel Washington was a black POTUS on tv for quite some time). Anyway they're all actors, sometimes they get a white guy to play the President, sometimes they get a black guy.

Rockstar: <glancing at Matthew Modine on tv> Anyway he so does not look like Obama. He looks like the white guy who lost (Romney).

Kings (jumping in excitedly): Who's the current Prime Minister of The UK?

I suppose it was better than mindless unbelievable car chase...... 

Random pic of The Mens (Rockstar's in Jacadi polo, Paul & Shark jacket and Stanley Market shorts.)

Random smartass pic of The Mens (Rockstar's in Jacadi polo, Paul & Shark jacket and Stanley Market shorts.)

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  • CA

    Don’t remember Denzel Washington being a TV POTUS but Dennis Haysbert played (President) David Palmer in the TV series, 24.

    Out of interest, did/ does Rockstar know who the PM of the UK is?

    • Aileen

      No, he hadn’t come across anything that would have taught him that i think. Kings told him after

  • mun

    Hahaha, I don’t think I know of any potus when I was Rockstar’s age. Here election fever is on.

    • Aileen

      Oh is it, usually my mum gives me an earful but didn’t hear anything this time… Well she does compile scrapbooks of Malaysia goings-on (not the political kind, the cute animals kind) to mail to Rockstar…

      I definitely didn’t know POTUS at Rockstar’s age…