The Best Kosmo Guys In Hong Kong

Guess who?

After today, this Kosmo is no more

After today, this Kosmo is no more. But someday I'm gonna ask why they are wearing matching shoelaces

So we won't win any photography prizes, and it was a little weird for me to suddenly ask a mummy friend I'd just made to quickly snap this, and I'd just barely squeezed in between them with the Miss... but it was a bittersweet moment.

This Kosmo in Cyberport is closing down. Yesterday was their last day, having not swung by in couple months I went by today to be greeted by these two, telling me how they're shutting down and in fact they're just back here to pack up the last of it before being relocated to different Kosmo outlets.

Ever see these two out there, tell them I blogged how they were the awesome-est Kosmo guys ever. I mean, they know I blog and they said I could put the pic up, they've watched me sit here and blog for months, a year, maybe even two. But I don't think they read me 🙂 They don't even know what I'm saying about them here, nor did they ask.

When I holed up here almost my entire pregnancy (see Little Miss in the frame?), all nauseous and sore and slinking off to the nearby bathroom....

They'd happily watch my laptop. (There have been times when other Kosmo guys flatly refused, insisting they would not be responsible if anything went missing bla de bla, this is Hong Kong, doesn't matter I've been coming here for years bla de bla)

Hell, sometimes they watched Rockstar. (Usually he'd just sit with my phone til I got back from the bathroom which was just a few mins on a quiet day after school, but a couple times he was kicking a beach ball around with a new friend, beach ball loaned by them.)

I've borrowed their umbrella several times, finally insisting I didn't need it (hate carrying my own too) because otherwise it'd always be hanging over my head when I could rush back to return it. That's when they showed me the half doz or so they had under the counter and said I needn't rush.

If they knew it was a day I'd be there (which got increasingly often as my pregnancy progressed) they'd save one of the meal boxes of the few foods I felt like choking down at all. This was at a time when they sold out everything at lunch hour, all the time, before various other offerings opened up in the Cyberport.

This was the time they tried hypnosis

This was the time they tried hypnosis

It uh, kicked in a little late, when we'd almost reached home

It uh, kicked in a little late, when we'd almost reached home

There's now a Delaney's, where you can grab a beer and catch whatever game's on, while your kid runs about with the other kids of fellow parents grabbing a beer and catching whatever game's on. There's a Mc Donald's and Mc Cafe. There's some yoghurt thing with a penguin logo, whose name I've forgotten (the other one, after the famous Cellist, has a cow logo so I know it's not that one.) I'd still come to Kosmo for these guys.

When my parents came, I got both of em hooked on the salmon and brown rice just to come here more often.

But then I hadn't been up here in months except for a specific trip just to drop off CNY lai see (yes they are that awesome) because Rockstar'd been home, the weather'd been bad, Little Miss now loathes her stroller because she insists on sleeping on her tummy in Room and so screams herself purple instead of going to sleep peacefully in it and leaving me to blog, a latte on my right, feeling like I'm an actual mummy blogger, all professional with the professionally asleep baby. I thought these guys'd always be here.

And so I barely made it in time to say goodbye. And tell everyone how awesome these two are. Someday I'm gonna go look for them at their new outlets. Meantime, there's always Facebook. 

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I blog about living and raising my son in Hong Kong - where toddlers have entrance interviews, parents keep test score spreadsheets, private school debentures can trade for more than half a million USD. Raising Rockstar's the most important thing I'll ever do. We show our true colors by the choices we make in bringing up our children. My blog is a message to my toddler son, about what the world and his parents are like today - for when he becomes a teenager and knows everything.
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  • Aileen

    Haha they really, REALLY didn’t expect it…

  • CA

    It’s great when you find staff who surprise you with their kindness and thoughtfulness. Too bad that it’s not so common to come across such people who go beyond their standard duties. Maybe you could write in to their company and tell them about how great they both were at the Cyberport branch. I doubt the lads’ll get any special bonus but you never know, the lads might get a nice pat on the back.

    • Aileen

      I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know their real names (I mean, when I add at least one of em to fb I will check, but offhand I don’t!) We somehow got past the introduction bit though we certainly swapped personal stories… I think they know it would be my pleasure to give em a rave review to their employer or some other similar, but they never expected nor asked. That is what makes their kindness and service even more special isn’t it…

  • iLing

    Hey, do you have an instagram account? If you don’t, you should create one! I would love to see more photos of rockstar and miss rockstar!!

    p.s. I’m a 19 year old Malaysian reader that has been following your blog since 2010! 🙂

    • Aileen

      Wah I think you are my youngest known reader; at least youngest who has ever contacted me, I’ve got emails from some in their early 20s, but you’re the only teen (so I remember, if you are the same person, who commented before when I went back to Penang for CNY and blogged about shopping at FOS for “branded” t-shirts ages ago!) That I know of, one early 20-something graduated early and is now in a hedge fund in the States (so then he deleted his own blog with dodgy name haha)

      Wish I could instagram, but in trying to remain hands-on with the kids (I didn’t give up the former life that included doing some things I loved only to let an idiot helper raise the kids) it’s gonna be awhile longer – also, I will probably have to get around to getting Rockstar a Youtube account first 😛

      • iLing

        This is my first time leaving comments here! haha. I also commented on one of your videos before…’This is a pink pig’ I think. Oh and if you’re wondering how I came across your blog,it’s because of a post that I read on Timothy Tiah’s blog (your blog won’t let me put the link here =/ ) The photos here and the conversations between you and Rockstar always make my day! 😀 He’s such an intelligent boy and you’re a great mom! God bless you and your beautiful family!

      • Aileen

        Thanks dear…. affirmation is always appreciated especially when little kids obviously don’t say thank you (at least not for the REAL things you wished they could!) U shud b able to put the link though? In the past I will just get an additional request from Disqus to approve a link but it’ll be there….

        Haha I thought you were the same person who commented couple CNYs ago because back then she said something like “I’m just 17 but I follow your blog” 2 years ago and somehow frm that one sentence I thought you sounded alike (you can see how meticulously I researched this :D)