Friday Fun, Food and Facebook




1) 11 things you need to stop doing on Facebook.

Dis is a snake masseuse

Dis is a snake masseuse

2) Weird beauty treatments and products. Think snake massages in Israel. Scroll down, because the top article is something about <sheepish> “tittooing,” the new beauty craze of tattoo-ing your nipples that’s apparently taking the UK by storm.

3) This is a rhythm-keeping sealion. Yet another thing Rockstar is going to aspire to “train” the baby in. I’m so asking for it, aren’t I?


4) Controversial Magazine Covers. The photoshop of the Duchess of Cambridge’s waist was dumb, but the one of LeBron James and Gisele… Thought it looked weird, but didn’t “get” the controversy til I read the caption re apparent enforcing of racial stereotypes. Thought the one with James Franco’s butt (for real) was just gross. And let’s play Guess The Controversy for the rest.

For e.g. this one apparently got into trouble because everyone on this cover was "thin and white"

For e.g. it says this one got into trouble because everyone on this cover was “thin and white.”

5) What nutritionists eat for breakfast.

6) Worst foods for bone health.

7) Scary Mummy Portraits.

Like Walking Dead Mummy

Like Walking Dead Mummy

And Always Asleep Daddy

And Always Asleep Daddy

8) And this is the Little Miss at dawn this morning, after demanding to be taken out of the cot. She is fiddling with Rockstar’s old alphabet books in my best efforts to buy a few more minutes of lying down before the whole crazy day starts.

photo-1234 photo-1233

Note her also looking longingly at the foot of my Ikea sofa bed where more toys are. As I doze, she’ll occasionally make to crawl over, and then I’ll say “hey” or “stop” and she’ll immediately drop down onto my shoulder like she’s actually asleep. True story.



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  • mun

    The Miss is so cute – to pretend to be sleeping innocently when mommy caught her in the act of crawling to get more toys. :)

    Wishing all of you a good weekend!

    • Aileen

      Same dear sorry so late to reply here… Little Miss is naughty, she also “talks back” at me or the bro and deliberately “ngehs” loudly to drown us out when any of us are having conversation in the car. As in, when no one is speaking she doesn’t have anything to say, and then when we are talking she is gabbling loudly and increasingly aggressively

      • mun

        Hahaha, she just did not want to be left out of your conversations.