The Unexpected Abandon Of Playing With One’s Food

More cute (as in, in my esteemed opinion) baby pictures I shall exploit in lieu of actually writing anything - Whee!

For real though, we found a great new use for the veggie garnish that comes with your burger or club sandwich... Keeps Her Highness' hands busy like no baby toy ever does. Added bonus: comes off Mummy or Daddy's plate.

IMG_8433  IMG_8436 IMG_8438 IMG_8439 IMG_8443 IMG_8435


Oh, the sheer abandon of playing with one's food. Remember a time when we all did this without a) cleaning everyone's hands/ sanitizing a table (Little Miss chews the table), b) knowing what SARS stands for c) regularly coming across "dispose of used tissues responsibly" public service messages? My primary schooling was in Sandakan, Sabah, back when weekend trips were to Sepilok, where there might be a baby elephant dog-chained to the front entrance because "we shot the mum after she was destroying our crops and then we found the baby and felt bad so here he is" <baby in question casually eating decorative plants on long leash at entrance>, and roadkill is almost as likely to be a hapless snake crossing the road. What Mucky Pups Hand Sanitiser? It's a sign of the times, when your child knows the difference between H1N1 and H1N5.


Anyway we resisted all urges to tell Rockstar to stop squishing that slice of tomato on the table one hot, wet, muggy afternoon when none of the other outdoor tables were occupied. I felt a little bad at the obvious joy he had in something as simple as that - either he usually doesn't feel like it (for a long time he didn't like painting because it bothered him too much when he got paint on his hands or else in the case of food I don't let him.)

IMG_8445 IMG_8447 IMG_8448

Oh, the rewards of having a baby sister.

ps: they kids are both in longs despite the heat because of the bugs. Rockstar is a huge mosquito magnet and ends up with angry welts that leave scars, so we spend a bomb on child/baby-safe insect repellant every time it gets warm enough for bugs

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  • CA

    Again, an adorable Miss Rockstar! Feel so sorry for Rockstar being a mossie magnet though. How does he handle having to wear long sleeves despite the warmer weather and high humidity we had last week? Does he tolerate it or is there always a battle?

    • Aileen

      We carry portable fan for the kids and try to sit near aircon… He can get v grouchy when hot, just like kings

  • mun

    Really so cute! Especially the big photo of the Miss scrunching her nose and smiling cheekily with greens all over her. If I did not know better, I would have thought she was mimicking the picture on her bib (the smiley cow with a flower in her mouth).

    Is this a sign that the Miss loves to eat her greens?

    I am surprise that the Miss did not join her brother in squishing the slice of tomato on the table. She just looked at the action quietly with one hand on her baby chair and one hand on the table.

    • Aileen

      Dunno what’ wrong with my alignment, it keeps coming out wrong on the blog even though on my end in the draft it looks ok…

      Little Miss is ok with green veggies but surprisingly needs more coaxing to eat fruit (Rockstar used to eat his weight in fruit and still would if he had enough time)…

      She tasted the tomato first and decided she really didn’t like it so maybe that’s why she’s not squishing it… she had no qualms squishing the lettuce…