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Friday Awesomeness

1) “ANIMALS ARE AWESOME TOO”. Stick it out thru the first minute, it gets way awesome-er after that.. Wow Little Miss has a tough act to follow. How would you like to be after the skydiving chihuahua/skateboarding bulldog/ moonwalking pony? 2) It’s … Continue reading

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Rockstarism #264 – Just He Said (Germs Can Fly)

#264 Me: Don’t blow your nose in your bath water. Rockstar: Why? Me: Because germs’ll be all over the water and the tub and I’ll have a problem bathing the baby. Rockstar: Germs can swim? Me: Yeah. Rockstar: So what, … Continue reading

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Rockstarism #263 – He Said, She Said

#263 (Note dog’s expression) Rockstar: I’m A Ninja. JD: I’m With Crazy.  ps:

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