Rockstarism #258 – Dinner Deal


Broaching the subject seriously...

Rockstar: Mum. Actually I'm quite bored with eating the same thing for dinner every night.

(This is true - About 5 times a week Rockstar has a massive dinner of grilled salmon, hard boiled eggs, broccoli, carrots and rice for dinner. This is so I don't stress about his school lunch - "Mum. <shaking head regretfully as he breaks the bad news to me> I'm just not going to eat much whatever you give me (for school lunch). I'm too busy." Not that they don't give him time to eat you understand, but he's "too busy" kaypoh-ing to do more than stave off the worst hunger..)

Me: You get those dinners so you can eat (or not) what you want at lunch. AND zone out with Youtube as a perk as long as you make up for it by packing it all in at dinner (bad habit alert, but we don't even own a dining table and eat casual buffet style at home because we all eat at different times - touch wood it doesn't affect his table manners at all when we go out for proper dinners). I can change up your dinners, but if you take in less of the good stuff at dinner you won't get as much freedom at school and weekend meals. Want to think about it and give me your final answer, whether I need to change your dinners?

(Such deals are the silver lining of a too-serious, thin-skinned child who has decided he hates being nagged and wouldn't mind being provided a solution to "solving (his) problem" <roll eyes>)

Rockstar: <seriously> Yeah. Let me think about it.

The next day...

Me: What did you decide about your weekday dinners?

Rockstar: Can you repeat my choices again?

Obligingly I repeat our conversation the previous day, but kind of guess by his demeanor...

Rockstar: Yeah I'm fine with the same thing for dinner. <Turns back to his toys>

Me: So I don't need to do anything? You're sure? (Rockstar nods yes).

Later when I'm having a lot less luck feeding the baby...

Rockstar: Mum. Why don't you offer her the same deal you offered me?

<Gravely tries to explain conditions to baby. Is drowned out by baby gabbling at top of her voice - her latest Charming New Skill, for when she doesn't think it's something she wants to hear, I suppose...>

photo-1256 photo-1255

Random pics of the two of them horsing around in the double-parked car... Rockstar's finally warming up to handling Her Highness more...

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I blog about living and raising my son in Hong Kong - where toddlers have entrance interviews, parents keep test score spreadsheets, private school debentures can trade for more than half a million USD. Raising Rockstar's the most important thing I'll ever do. We show our true colors by the choices we make in bringing up our children. My blog is a message to my toddler son, about what the world and his parents are like today - for when he becomes a teenager and knows everything.
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  • mun

    Can Rockstar take other types of fish like cod or sardines or tuna and vege like french beans,red/yellow/green capsicum, cauliflower, long beans, spinach?

    I can eat the same food over a long period but I read somewhere that it is better to eat a variety of food within each food group instead of the same food in each food group so that we can get different minerals and vitamins so now I try to have a variety within each food group instead of sticking to the same food.

    • Aileen

      Definitely agree about the varied foods and have blogged before that like, 20 years ago they discovered maybe 6 vitamins and today it’s like, 20 vitamins and you can’t synthesize a vit supplement if you haven’t discovered that vitamin so that’s how i feel about supplements vs natural foods…

      Ok lemme detail more of his diet… He currently loves spaghetti bolognese and has that about twice a week (beef!). Also sausage, ham or chicken nuggets (stumbling block is getting him to eat enough meat otherwise (sheepish)) He has also always loved shrimp, crab, and some spicy curries especially a hot chickpea Mamak-style one that I eat when I can get it from a Malaysian restaurant not quite in our immediate vicinity.

      No luck with capsicum, cauliflower or long beans, but will take leafy greens if prepared in a way he likes, and most peas. Will also eat most fish, but I typed salmon because it was the most regular one he eats, not the only one, sorry bout that. He’s finicky about tuna though, always 50-50 whether he eats it… The one I really am not happy about (other than the sausage) is that he doesn’t eat tofu unless I hide it in his Youtube meals…

      • mun

        Thanks for the detail list of food Rockstar eats. My bad – I really thought he eats exactly the same food for dinner every weekday after reading the above post, hahaha. *paiseh*

      • Aileen

        No no you’re mostly right, he eats almost exactly the same for weekday dining, except with the addition of shrimp, chickpea etc and occasionally sub salmon for other fish…