This Friday There Are At Least “25 People Nailing This Parenting Thing”

I don't care if it's not a pretty picture. Read it, it's a beautiful picture!

I don’t care if it’s not a pretty picture. Read it, it’s a beautiful picture!

1) Buzzfeed’s 25 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing.

Can’t decide if they’re being sarcastic. I don’t think they know either.

Because they have this.

Because they have this.

But also dis.

But also dis.

(Though…. sometimes I think I know how Cake Eating Dad feels. Little Miss has been super hi-maintenance – in the day, in the night.. 20 minute catnaps. Demanding to start her day at 4am. Thrice. No scratch that, once it was 3.30am. Sometimes you just need cake.)

For real though, some of the notes and hacks in the link are super inspirational. Especially Halloween Toy Dad. They really make you work harder. What 4am day?

And this one…

This one's just ART.

This one’s just ART.

2) Baby goat plays on pig and other animals in the news. Am I the only one who thinks it’s the pig’s job that’s hard? And the giant rat one is not for the faint-hearted – the thing is the size of a Cavalier King Charles.

pic from

pic from

3) Hats of the Kentucky Derby. Cool right? Those birds don’t even poop on you, what more could you want?

4) I wondered whether to put this up and “spoil things” for all the new-ish mothers out there. Or maybe warn them. But actually I’m neither – it was just an interesting read about Mother’s Day, if a bit strong. Mother’s Day Is Not All About You, an excerpt from Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies) by Jill Smokler.

“…Of all the lies of motherhood, I think this one might be the cruelest..…..Especially in Year One… …..In the best of Hallmark worlds, ours is a day filled with brunches, bouquets of flowers, and homemade gifts. Super, but who is going to make the actual reservation for brunch? And who is going to spend the morning struggling to gets the kids dressed in clean clothes that fit?…”

Y-eah not very Glass Half Full especially when at the end (spoiler alert!) she gets exactly what she wants for Mother’s Day and then ends up missing the kids and calling them home.

5) Okok lemme lighten that up with Cat In Shark Costume Rides Vacuum Around Duckling.

No, I don’t know why. (Was I supposed to?)

6) And this week let’s have Her Highness work harder.

IMG_8517 IMG_8519 IMG_8523

This is her Truck Driver Look - she's pushing her walker about with what looks like a pipe (it's an adjustable straw) in her mouth

This is her “Truck Driver Look” – “driving” and “smoking” long, adjustable straw)


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  • mun

    Hahaha, I don’t think Miss Rockstar at her age now will allow herself to be a table for a plate of cake. :p

    Couldn’t bring myself to look at the rat thingy. I am that afraid of rats.

    Miss Rockstar looks so happy being “truck driver”. Any video of her driving?

    “Aiya, why this Mun reader makes so many requests punya…Hhhmmmph” cos Miss Rockstar is just way too cute and all your readers love her.

    I am also curious about the daily activities that you play with Miss Rockstar. Can I request a blog post about that too? *thick skinned making so many requests when I know you are busy* so only if you are able to find time – no pressure, ok? Thanks so much. :)

    Here’s wishing all of you a very good weekend! And hope Rockstar gets to eat something that is different from his weekday dinner, hehehe. :)

    • Aileen

      Ok ok will work on post re Her Highness’ day ditto driving… She doesn’t have a real schedule, and her whole nap problem circumvents everything… We think she’s messing up all her sleeping because we go out when she sleeps and no matter how much I try to hide it she can still see it…

      Good weekend to you too. Between Kings being exhausted, and the Rockstar Hamster I think it’s gonna be pretty quiet…