Arty Farty JD Style

This is JD. Trying to make the most of the coolest spot in the bedroom right under the air conditioning. And hogging Kings' slippers because he's not home to claim them.

Dis is Art.

Dis is Art.

10 years later, she still sleeps with the tip of her tongue out, even as her brows and muzzle go all snowy white.

We're rarely in the nearby dog park, because of the bugs. Because it's one of the few things our helper can do unsupervised, walk the dog twice a day, an hour each time. JD gets some family time outside of the park, rarely here unless Kings is traveling because I don't want to cab it.

I'm almost sure this earns me judgmental stares from the hard-core dog lovers who recognize me with the baby stroller sans dog around the development. There are people who give up their dogs when the baby comes. And then there are people who are judgmental of how much time you spend with your own dog when the baby comes. Otherwise probably well-meaning dog lovers have said things to me in passing like "Oh, so you are finally walking your dog yourself. Well done." Others say nothing even when I try to catch their eye as I push the stroller by, if only so I can strike up a conversation and drop that I take JD out elsewhere, just not to this park. Just not anywhere they happen to be able to see us.

This weekend, it was boiling. Should've thought of that when after church I still shipped all 3 kids to the nearly deserted dog park (as I said, it was boiling at mid-day). Me and the human kids ended up literally speed walking from shady tree to shady tree, just to get out of the sun a little. Had to clean poop off the stroller wheels too, because of our haste.

Well at least the dog was happy. That's her satisfied face.

And there they all are

And there they all are

So this would be Buzz Off, Judgmental Dog Loving Guilt Trippers. Buzz Off, Conscience.

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  • mun

    JD looks so relax sleeping like that in the photo. The weather here is hot too and I am not as brave as you to venture out walking in this hot hot day. Lucky JD! 🙂

    • Aileen

      I didn’t realize it was that hot!! Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone, I’m surprised there were still a few families who braved the heat, there was a UV index of 10 that day ok…