Rockstarism #265 – The Math Homework Rockstarisms


Rockstar: This is the answer. 

Me: Wrong.

Rockstar: Wha-at.

Me: (annoyed, because I told him before) You can’t do that. If the first digit is smaller than the second in subtraction you can’t just –

Rockstar: What are you talking about?

Me: Oh. Sorry. You didn’t do that.

Rockstar: <Snort>

Me: Hold it. You don’t get to be smug yet. I’m still checking.

Rockstar: <Barely suppressed snort>

Me: Y-eah. Your answer is right. You can be smug now.

Rockstar: <SNORT> <SNORT> 

Awhile later…

Rockstar: 60+10=70. That is so pathetic.

(I look at him in surprise)

Rockstar: <hurriedly> Easy! I just mean easy.

Still awhile later…

Me: That really is wrong. You just lost your smug card.

Rockstar: Who farted?

Me: Nothing stinks. Do your work.

Rockstar: HAR HAR HAR.

Rockstar messing around in our friend's place

Rockstar messing around in our friend’s place



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  • mun

    Good that Rockstar likes more challenging Maths questions. Clever children usually gets bored with Maths questions that are too easy for them.

    • Aileen

      Well… for these ones I think a lot of his classmates do these la… In this case I would replace “clever” with “smartypants” :)